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We need some pointers for getting this skill, on a consistant basis. My DD can get over occasionally, but most of the time, stalls out right before she goes over, then falls flat on her back or back to a bridge. Is it more about ab strength, flexability, or what. She is fine with just the slightest bit of elevation to start out, but on a flat surface, she just cant seem to get over. She needs to be able to do this skill before the coaches will advance her. Any good exercises or pointer would be appreciated!!!:eek:

Thanks, Jodi
How's her shoulder flexibility? Is she able to do a bridge with her shoulders either aligned or past her hands? If not, one factor could be that her shoulders are not flexible enough for her to complete the skill. When she does the bridge kickover she wants to make sure that her shoulders push past her hands when she kicks over (her shoulders want to be open). Also, try having her think about pulling her toes over her head. These are usually the two things that I tell my kids; hopefully, it'll help some.
I agree with Hammy. I tell my kids to 'make a rainbow' with their foot. Try to pull it right over their head.

The other thing I see some kids do is start to bend their leg as they pull it over. Then the momentum gets stalled out and they fall.
To kickover you need to rock the shoulders over the hands and kickover as the shoulders move past the hands in the direction you're kicking over (this is assuming good shoulder flexibility, some can't get the shoulders past the hands). Your daughter's shoulders may be coming back to their original position (i.e. on the side of the hands she's not kicking over towards) which pulls her back. Try holding her shoulders in the position they're in as she starts the kick so they can't move back.
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