Bridge kickover

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Mar 2, 2013
Region Six
hi everyone,
i'm having trouble with my bride kickover. even with a cheese! I always do it perfectly when my coach spot me, but when i do it alone i manage to kick over a bit, but then i just flop down. Any tips? If this makes any difference, i can to a backbend. Thank you!
You might be trying to rush it. Just remember that in the end it's just a balancing act. If you get more of your weight moving in the direction of your shoulders you can kick over.
Practice bridges with your feet raised to really stretch your shoulders so when you kick in your kickover your shoulders are already over or infront of your hands. It makes it a lot easier. When your coach spots you she's helping you do two things; get your shoulders over your hands and increase the power from your kick over. Work both these things and they will improve.
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