British Championships (Liverpool) March 2014

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Aug 16, 2013
Just wondering if anyone is going to this? We were there earlier this year and ended up smack bang in the middle of MAG supporters....mainly from South Essex gym. I was so very green that when Kristian Thomas came over to speak to his parents ( who sat next to us) I had no idea who he was....Lol.

This year we're going as part of our team which should be fun.
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I keep thinking about getting tickets. We went this year (which involved catching a train in a lot of snow as I recall) and last year too....but...we haven't been given the new comp timetable for next year yet :( It's not just the comps themselves, it's the training in the run up.

I think it's a fantastic event to go and watch though :)
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Wow. I think that would do for me too!
We stayed over in Liverpool as I thought it would end up being too exhausting to manage in a day, but I'm clearly a whimp!
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I saw a load of buses pulling up last year and was pretty jealous because we hadn't at that point joined DD's gym so were alone. It looked so much more fun as a group. I hadn't appreciated that some of those groups had come from quite so far....that's dedication.
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Did some asking at gym and not only does it not cause any problems for any comps but there a now a group of us going together and tickets are being sorted :D
Ohh I would like to go too :)

Off to look for tickets. We should have a chalkbucket meet while we're there :). Or all wear a red rose on our left lapel so we recognise each other ;)
We had a chicken forum meet-up at the Federation Show in Staffordshire one year. We all picked up badges from the Practical Poultry stand with our forum names on them. It was really interesting to meet the people I had "known" for 5 years and match up faces. Some odd surprises and some needed no introduction.
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We've had CB parents meet up before and become real life friends. Set up a meet and see how it goes. I wish I could join you!
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I'm there on the Sunday if anyone fancies putting a name to a face? Happy to share numbers with the regular contributors. Just PM me.

Are you all travelling up on the day of the comp?
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