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Proud Parent
Jan 12, 2022
Hi there - Have a general query on the BG compulsory grades / levels pathway. I understand there is no longer in age / out of age. Not sure if this is temporary or has it always been like this? It seems somewhat unfair for those who are “in age” so competing against so many older gymnasts who have been training much longer, are more experienced than and may be doing longer training hours? Any thoughts on this? Is there any advantage of being in age rather than out of age? Thanks
"In age" pushed younger gymnasts to do high (ridiculously high) training hours to stay on the competitive Elite pathway. That's not healthy. I like the idea of having a personal progression, not "you must be at Level ___ by age 12" to compete at a high level.

Also, the goal of Compulsories is not to win, it is to pass.
Thank you for your comments and I can see your point of view that removing the in age/out of age may help reduce the unhealthy high training hours and lessen the pressure on gymnasts.
Not open for further replies.