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Feb 25, 2014
Has anyone seen a timetable and start list for the British Team Championships this weekend? I'm trying to work out which day to go and watch but it looks like it's a new format this year and I'm quite confused!

Round one starts at 12 and round two starts at 3. Doors open at 10am.

I haven't seen a start list, so I don't know which clubs are in which round but, from memory, the big clubs, with highest expectation of a medal, have tended to be in the last session. That may be different this year, I don't know.
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Go so you can tell me all about it. ;)

My friend went today and said it was a bit of a splat fest :( I don't really know what is going on tomorrow. It's more of an apparatus team comp - one gymnast on each apparatus - but I'm not sure who is competing.

As it stands I'm not going - fancy a chill day!
Might change my mind in the morning though!
Oh I hate going to comps like that, I always feel bad for watching.

Cannot find start lists, will have a snoop about.
I wasn't there yesterday but a lot of friends were.

Today is the regional teams comp. Ruby Harrold might not make the start list (sickness bug - had to run off floor to be sick yesterday). One of our "stars" who's on the start list might also have to let a reserve take her place - hence us not fielding our best team yesterday.

I know a number of people there today but I'm giving it a miss.
There were a couple of big name teams missing yesterday - Notts didn't field a team, (just Becky Downie trialing as an individual) and neither did Heathrow. The format and start list was changed as a couple of clubs pulled out and I believe that several of the girls were sick - Hannah Whelan couldn't collect her medal as she felt too ill.

It's a shame because potentially it should be a great competition.

The start lists for the apparatus finals are completely different. I thought it was going to be inter-club as well when I heard about it, but it's regionally based. I've no idea how that works or how the selections were made.

Actually I can see a lot of merit in something like regional apparatus heats and best four on each piece get to go to apparatus nationals. That would give girls who are great on one or two pieces, but probably never going to do well at AA and therefore make any kind of squad, the chance to shine. But I'm pretty sure it hasn't been done that way...
Anyone notice that Aasha Kimpton was competing for Sapphire? Thought she was at Heathrow?
I can't see any scores on gymdata - do you need a log on or is it because I'm on my phone not laptop?
I went to watch yesterday and really enjoyed it. There were 8 teams that competed.
Liverpool won- they were quite simply the most consistent team and from what I remember, they didn't count a fall. Their first girl up on floor fell three times and looked devastated but the rest of the team picked it up, including Hannah Whelan quickly adding a free walkover to her dance when she missed her straight front out of her 2nd tumble.
Academy came 2nd- they looked so confident in comparison to all the other teams. They had a bit of a meltdown on bars and a few falls on beam. Poor Ruby was ill after beam which explains her multiple falls and didn't compete floor, but the girl who I'm guessing was floor reserve hit a lovely routine at the end.
Sapphire were 3rd- Honestly I didn't see much of them. It was great to see Gabby Jupp competing again despite her falls and watered down difficulty. They had some really interesting floor music too which got the crowd watching.
Park Wrekin ended up in 4th- They showed a good level of difficulty but there were just too many falls overall for them to medal. I think everyone fell on bars at least once.
City of London surprised me to come 5th. Again, I didn't watch much of them but their floor routines really stood out.
Bury had a good comp to finish 6th. They are a team on the rise with some nice and neat gymnastics but just not enough difficulty to finish higher.
Manx were 7th. I really noticed the difference in confidence and presentation between the girls that had competed in Commonwealths and those who hadn't. They were one of the few teams that managed to hold it together on beam. Their last girl on floor had a really entertaining floor which got the crowd going.
Dynamo came 8th. Kelly Simm was clearly in a different class to the rest of the team. I enjoyed watching them but their overall difficulty was just too low to contend. There was a tiny girl who competed a terrifying yurchenko which I don't think she flipped once by herself in warm ups.

Fragapane watered down her floor difficulty but is now jumping out of her double straight and double arabian. She had an odd looking fall on vault but other than that looked good. Angel Romaeo fell on both her events I believe- I really enjoyed her beam though. Becky Downie struggled in bar warm up but was doing a nice routine until she fell towards the end. Her beam was good but only a basic dismount.
I'm very confused about how the apparatus finals work. :confused:

The results seem to suggest that each gymnast can only have their score counted on one piece. No-one is named more than once. eg. Claudia Fragapane is shown as leading vault with 14.250 but her school for floor isn't counted so even though Claudia scored 14.050 on floor, Kelly Simm is showing as having won floor with 13.250 and Claudia's score isn't shown at all. And Gabby Jupp scored 13.100 on floor, but that isn't shown either - pressumably because she has done better on beam.

So only your best score counts? Or only your best position counts?
I'm seeing some scores now but not all of them - is that what you mean about confusion flossy? Claudia's floor score isn't on when I look, but there's 2 scores for Kelly Simm on floor (same score twice)
It looks like the seniors might be competing everything again as another worlds trial? But only one piece (I'm guessing pre nominated before the comp) counting towards the team score. It's so confusing.
There are certainly some espoirs in there.

I think maybe because it's region against region they count the best placed gymnast per region towards the score on each piece and discount the others... I think??!!

The fact that the seniors are competing more than one piece because it's another trial is confusing things.

But Rapunzel, I find gymdata scores often mess up a bit and repeat parts of the list - that's a whole different confusion in itself!
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