Broken Foot With Horrible Timing. :(

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Nov 29, 2008
Minn eee sooo ta! :)
So yesterday at my meet, i did a layout stepout on beam and only got part of my foot on and it hurt really bad. I fininshed my beam routine, but didn't compete floor. So it was really swollen this morning and i went to urgent care. They took x-rays and its broken. The worst part is that state is in 2 weeks with individuals the week after. i'm one of the top scorers on my team and it was going to be a really hard meet.
So i have to go to the podiatrist tomorrow to see what he has to say, and then i will see what happens from there.
Honestly, it has to be at the worst time of the season. Grr!


Moderator/Proud Parent
Aug 25, 2007
North Carolina
I am so sorry for your injury :( I can certainly understand how upsetting it is for you. My DD broke her wrist a week before States in the fall and had to scratch.

Thoughts and prayers and a big (((HUG)))))
Aw I'm sooo sorry! I know how you feel, week of sectionals I sprained my ankle, had to wear a cast and suck it up, but it affected me a lot. Ended up being .02 away from making state, and that was the last year I was able to do competitive :[ I was so bummed. I hope you have a quick recovery and everything goes well! Crossing my fingers!!!!
Aug 8, 2007
West Coast
Aww, I hope you can heal quickly. That is so disappointing that it's so close to states though. Hopefully you don't have to have the cast on for too long.
Nov 29, 2008
Minn eee sooo ta! :)

So i went to the podiatrist today and my foot is definately broken. i have gone to him before for some other foot issues, and he knows that i am a competitive gymnast, and because of that, he is going to have me go and have a mri taken to make sure there isn't anything else that is majorly damged. He also wants to see how much it is misplaced. if it is so far he wants to do surgery :eek: because of my status as a gymnast. if it doesn't get fixed properly, i will have issues with it forever. My season is over, regardless, so it doesn't really matter to me what happens. I just really don't want to have surgery...


Dec 21, 2008
That sux so much, I am so sorry to hear that! But hopefully you won't need surgery, and next season will be good as new. Sending good thoughts your way


Proud Parent
Proud Parent
Sep 25, 2007
I am so sorry to hear you broke your foot. Hoping you don't need surgery and that you will heal quickly. Really bad timing after all your hard work. My heart goes out to you.
Dec 16, 2007
Ontario, Canada
Aww that really sucks! Sending more hugs your way and wishing you a fast and easy recovery.
I just sprained my ankle and had to miss two competitions, but that is no biggie compared to missing state:(

again, good luck with your recovery!
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