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Jan 8, 2006
Ahwahnee, CA
Well gymbabi ended her season with a bang last week. She was working on layout halfs and landed full weight on her curled under toes. Snapped the long bone on the outside edge of her foot completely in two, plus imploded the next two. Luckily once they knocked her out to reduce it, it popped right back together and stayed there, so no surgery was required. At least she got to finish up her season with a good note, her last meet was good for her, so she's not too disappointed at missing state. I think her Dad is the most disappointed, she was building her scores so well, he really wanted to see how she'd do at state. Oh well, at least she's happy with her hot pink cast....
YIKES!! Sorry to hear that - sounds painfull. How is she recovering?
We went back after 4 weeks and they took the cast off and told her to wear suppotive shoes in gym for a month (which was just up last week) so far so good. She did a little tumbling last week, she said she felt really slow, but it looked okay. Now she is breaking in new grips, but I'm curious to see if her bars are any better because she's been swinging bars with her shoes on for a month. Her beam looks pretty good.
Not open for further replies.