WAG Brown's Creations?

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Proud Parent
Proud Parent
Jul 22, 2010
Has anyone ever ordered from Brown's Creations? I wanted to order some particular gymnastics pins for my daughter this season and was trying to find them all on one website so that I didn't have to pay shipping more than once. Brown's Creations seemed to have everything I wanted. I hadn't heard of them before, but I've ordered from plenty of unknown websites in the past and have never had an issue.

I placed the order on August 9, got a confirmation email, and didn't think much more about it till I realized it had been a while since I placed that order. The website lists my order as "pending." I replied to the confirmation email (it didn't appear to be one of those "do not reply to this email" emails) and still didn't hear anything. Tonight I tried calling the number at the bottom of the website page and the voicemail said it was for a lactation consultant! (When the twins were babies I did enough lactating to last me a lifetime, thanks. No interest in doing it again.)

Anyway, I just used the "contact us" link on the website to send a message, and am crossing my fingers. Has anyone ever ordered anything from this vendor before? Mostly I'm just looking for evidence that Brown and his/her Creations actually exist!

I din't check (duh). I'll have to go back and find that statement, or else call Discover.
Check that first, if it didn't then you can decide to block the charge. If it did you can dispute the charge. No excuse for poor communication these days.
You definitely should have gotten them by now. At the least an email explaining the delay (certain pin on back order maybe?). If it hasn't gone through on your Discover, I'd cancel/block it and move on to a more reputable site. I'm another one who's ordered off the less well known sites without any issues yet (knock on wood), so not having a package show up would be pretty annoying.
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