Bruises on Hip Bones from Back Hip Circle?

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My 7 yeard old DD came home from camp today with two small bruises on her hip bones. (right side and left side) She was working bars today specifically her back hip circle. She has it herself now. Is this normal? I will check with the staff at her gym tomorrow for sue but just wondering as I've not seen them on her before.


I definitely got those when I worked a lot on back hip circles, so I think it's pretty normal. I think it's just from the force of the body weight hitting the bar. After I was first getting it, I remember having a lot of tenderness over each hip in the front and then the next day there would be a bruise, but it goes away after a couple days. :)
It might be more from the casts, but it can be normal. Some just bruise more easily than others. She could have come down too hard on a cast or two, since a lot of times in the early stages the girls do three casts before their BHC, so they are doing cast and coming back to the bar twice before the circle. I get bruises on my hip bones any time I do cast handstands where I come back to the bar pretty much. I even get bruises on my hip bone on the side of the bar I spot the kids on from leaning over it - hip bones just don't have much padding on them.
That is totally normal, as stated in the above posts, and you will notice many younger girls working on that will also have that problem. I really recommend bar shorts. Not quite sure where to get them, but the material is sort of like a velvet material and they are regular shorts made for gymnastics. I found them to be extremely helpful as it felt much better to perform bar skills. Just a suggestion.
My girls got these when they started learning these. :) I had a hard time finding bar shorts. I bought biker shorts or volley ball shorts from Academy Sports for 6 dollars each. :) Her coach said these were fine. :) They seem to help.
If she's going back to training and the bruises are still sore and haven't gone, get her some sponges to stick in her leotard if she's going to continue doing the casts
Oh so normal!! bruises from the bellybutton down are common for gymnasts. My DD's legs are always covered in brusies. Anytime she is working bars its either rips on the hands or bruises on the hips or top of feet both from hitting the bar.

Every time I bring her to the DR I always say one of these days that DR is going to turn me in for abuse from all the bruises she has on her body.
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