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Jan 10, 2008
My daughter just got Bailie single buckle dowel grips and is trying to get used to them. She knows that it will take some time to get them broke in. One of the main problems she is having is the buckle seems to really bother her. She is wearing bands and they are plenty tight. My question is: is it normal to have some discomfort in that area where the buckle is? Or, should she try the velcro type which would not have the buckle to bother her?

I have read through some previous posts about dowel grips, so I realize there is just alot of personal preference in regards to grips.

Thanks for your ideas/input.



Jul 5, 2007
I've always had buckles and they never really bothered me. She may not have the finger holes sanded enough and the buckle might be too high and hitting where the wrist bone sticks out. Although that doesn't make a lot of sense because the buckles should be on the insides of the wrist where the bone isn't as prominent. I would still try moving them down on the wrist. Where are they hitting on her fingertips?

I don't like velcro personally because the velcro seems to wear out faster than the grips do in a lot of cases. But they can be easier to fit.
Jan 10, 2008
Thanks for your thoughts.

One problem was that the grips were too big. One coach sized her and the other said they were too big. Our gym only sells the buckles and they were out of the smaller size, so I ordered her a pair with the velcro. She has worn them a few times now and absolutely loves them. They fit her hand really well and she is not having any discomfort.

So, I have one daughter with buckles and one with velcro. They will be doing the same skills. I guess I will just wait and see which one wears out fastest. They are both happy with their grips, so that's all that matters.

Thanks again,


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Sep 3, 2005
As a coach I prefer buckle grips. I had a problem when I first started wearing them...they hurt my wrist right under the buckle. I started wearing neoprene wristbands, this helped some. However, when I switched to double buckle (two straps on each grip) I had no problem at seemed to distribute the force better. is normal to have some discomfort under the buckle.


Any particular reason you prefer buckle grips?

I've never tried them; I've always used velcro grips. Is there any effective difference between them?

Buckle grips certainly eliminate the issue of velcro coming undone which is why some coaches like them. I would always wrap tape around the velcro when my kids competed so they wouldn't come undone. It depends on the brand, though. Reisport velcro seems to hold up pretty well; Ten.0 tends to not stick well after a few months. As a gymnast I preferred velcro because I liked to have the ability to make minor changes in the tightness depending on my mood that day :) It's really all personal preference. They do have grips with both velcro and a buckle - maybe that's the solution here!
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