Bug in 2018 Artistic Gymnastics World Championships forum?

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Jan 31, 2012
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On the main CB page, the most recent post listed for the 2018 Artistic Gymnastics World Championships forum appears to be a link to a page selling dietary supplements. When I click into the forum, the most recently active thread is about leo costs and looks as if it belongs in the WAG forum. Is anyone else seeing this weirdness?
I clicked on the forum and it looks intact. The first post is about uniforms, and some of the costs of the worlds' uniforms :)
The first post I am seeing is titled "uniforms," but all of the content is about the cost of club uniforms and none of it mentions Worlds or the national team. I thought perhaps the site was displaying the wrong thread with the same title. And the way the top thread shows on the main CB page as a spam link is odd. Maybe it is just me?

I am using Firefox, if it makes a difference.
I see what you mean. Basically when I ban a member for spamming, all of their threads become invisible to other members. Clearly there is some kind of hiccup in the software that allows members to see the titel of the removed post.

Very weird.
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