Coaches Buldging Disk Problem What To Do?

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Im a level 8 gymnast asking a Q? to all the coaches. Well, what can I do to stengthen my back cause im injured right now with a bulging disk in my lower back like called "L3"? I want this to heal asap! And is there a possible way to speed up the healing process? What should I do? I think the cause of this is from not warming up at the begining of practice, my coach does not allow us to warm up for a long time at all.

Open to any Suggestions

The only sensible suggestion gymnastralo is to go see a physiotherapist/sports doctor and have him/her examine you and prescribe your rehabilitation program. This isn't advice you should be seek from a forum. Advice is all good just as background knowledge, but in reality coaches (well the majority) are not qualified to prescribe such exercises. Its dangerous to put is simply.

If you want a fast recovery from a L3 herniated disk, you really need to see medical help. Best thing is to get a couple of opinions if you can (from 2-3 physiotherapists, and work with the one you feel most comfortable with or trust most).
I agree with Valentin that you should see a physical therapist, preferably one who specializes in sports because they tend to be more aggressive in the rehab. Herniated disks are not something you want to mess around with, and you want to make sure it heals properly before returning to gymnastics. I'm assuming you saw a doctor for the original diagnosis? What does he/she say about rehab? I'd also ask your PT about how to properly warmup before doing gymnastics. You may need to come to practice ten minutes early to do your specific back warmup before practice begins. Good luck!
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