BWO on the beam

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Apr 3, 2008
My daughter is having trouble with a back walkover on the beam. She is just in the beginning stages of learning it (she's not level 6) She hit her head on the beam last year trying one and I think she's a little apprensive doing them.. She does them at the gym with two panel mats on each side, but her arms are out too far~~ They have another beam, with mats lower to the ground and they won't spot her!!! Should I talk with them about this or will she eventually get it.

I think the best way to work through pretty much any fear is to go back to the beginning and work through each progression again until she feels confident. Start with bwos on a line on the floor, when that feels good move to the next level beam. This could be a low beam, low beam with mats, or a low beam with added width. Work them there until she feels totally confident and then move along to the next one. Could she move the mats away from the low beam? That would be another step before heading to a higher beam.
I think spotting is a good progression, especially as one works towards the higher beams or beams with less room for error around. The only reason I can see the coaches not spotting it is if she is totally not ready and they feel they would be doing all the work for her.
Not open for further replies.