For Parents Cait's last couple of meets recap (Level 7)

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Yes, it's a small world! I believe we were also at National Judges Cup in the same session too.

My DD also qualified for bars finals there too, so we were double proud! So many outstanding gymnasts were there...I was trying to watch everything at once!

Even though she didn't win any awards, it was very cool just to qualify. My DD will also be moving to Level 8 next season (11 years old). I can't wait to see how they do!

I'm sorry; for some reason, I just saw this post!

Our dd wasn't at the Judges Cup. She scored out of level 6 in a meet in the fall, and that wasn't the meet. (I forget which it was.) I wonder if we'll be at some of the same meets next year since they'll both be 8s? That'd be neat!

It's great that your dd also qualified for bars! :) I agree; it was cool just to qualify. I really enjoyed it all, too, notwithstanding the result for our dd.


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Oct 23, 2009
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:confused: How can that happen that doesn't even make sense that you can't score two girls the same--go deeper with the decimals then like a 9.654, I have seen some weird scores at my daughters competitions. Your DD did a great job at states and looked solid:).
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