calling all fairies ! !

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Aug 25, 2007
North Carolina
DD has a meet this weekend. It is her first meet back since spraining her elbow. she missed about 3 weeks of training. she still went to practice to condition & do what she could. She eased activities back in backing off if something hurt her elbow. She did her first BHS's Monday & no pain. Vaulted yesterday again no pain.

I am asking for all fairies because I know that she has had 3 less weeks to do routines & vault. I am just hoping she qualifies for States because the other girls made it at the last meet (she had to scratch) and I don't want her to be the only one to not make it.
Waking the fairies up and shoving their little winged tushies out the GL to your DD. And keep us posted. So glad she is doing better with her elbow
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Sending fairies from South to North Carolina! They are pretty bored here since there are no meets at all in our state until next weekend! :) They should be ready to fly and have lots of energy!
Good luck to her. Hope that pain stays far far away!
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Good luck to your DD! And don't worry, in the long run, three weeks off is no big deal and I bet she'll nail the routines even though she's missed some practices. (I've been out for 6 months and counting so I know the feeling of being behind or not being able to practice to perfect things before a meet, but I'm sure she'll do great and I hope she's pain free!)
Gosh I will have to send that one by jet plane! Hope she feels okay soon and it is just a 12 hour thing.
:( I am so sorry!!!!!!! Maybe it is just a 12 hour thing and she will be better by the meet?
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