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Are you[or your daughter/son,for parents] going to gymnastics camp this summer?
Im going to Karolyi's Camp in July and then the University of Alabama gymnastics camp in June.This is my first time going to camp of any time,so im SO excited.
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Jeez your lucky not only to go to camp but you get to go to two! I went to oregon state university gymnastics camp last year and it was alot of funn. But this summer we found out that my dad had cancer and so the cost of all her treatment and surgery and him not being able to work, we can barley afford me doing gymnastics let alone camp :( im really sad because I really wanted to go to camp again this summer :/ But maybe next year when my dad is better and back to work. Have funn!
My daughters are going to Lake Owen this summer. My oldest got a camp worker job (she'll be helping with dishes--lucky her!), so at least it's a little cheaper for us!

You'll have to let us know what you think of Karolyis camp--saw it in a magazine and it looked inexpensive!
My daughter is going to the USAG training camp in Ma this summer. she loves this camp and loves meeting the Olympians that come and teach there
DD is going to Gymrep in Quebec for 1 week and the next week is going to Circus camp in Montreal.
DD going to Session 2 Flip Fest in Knoxville Tn. We are hoping that Shawn Johnson's Dancing with the Stars won't interfere with her being at camp. Hope everyone has a great time at camp. I'm gonna miss my little baby. Never been away from home. She will be fine, I will be a wreck.
My dd's gym has a summer camp, so she will be attending that. It is very low key--partly gymnastics, games and crafts, but what I love about it is that it is very inexpensive (for any summer day camp) and it is right down the street from my work. I was considering putting her in a camp like Woodward or IGC, but I feel that she is not really at the level where I can justify spending all that money. So this summer will be mostly hanging out with her friends at the day camp and swimming at the pool. She has worked so hard all year, so I want to give her a break and let her play and be a kid.
I usually go to UNH gymnastics camp, but I this year money is a bit tighter, so no camp this year. However, I do get to go to my gym's three day team camp, so that will be fun! :)

UNH has a great program. Sorry you won't make it this year.
Has anyone been to either Woodward West or IGC?

I would actually love to go to either so much, but living in the UK makes it seem an impossible dream, aha!

If you have, do you learn lots of new skills? Are the coaches good? The facilities in both seem amazing from the pictures :)
My daughter and her friend Macie are going to IGC the first session. And she will be attending the TWU camp with her friends Zoe and Macie. Sounds like a blast. :D
Our gym hosts a camp the whole month of July. We get a discounted rate so that's where we go. I know dd would love to go to Woodward, too, but it's just not in the budget and she's still too young. And, if we host a camper we get an allowance so that's more incentive.
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