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Jul 27, 2022
We tried IGC this past summer, she enjoyed it very much but did say that the skills training left a lot to be desired. She was hoping for a serious training camp, leave camp a better gymnast in some way. It seems difficult to find information, searching the internet, regarding which camps are serious training camps (maybe some play-sure-but the main focus on serious gymnastics training for serious gymnasts). I know they exist, but I’m guessing they don’t advertise as much? My gymnast is age 11 level 6, up-training 7/8 skills.
Any recommendations for a camp like this? Location can be anywhere within the U.S.


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Sep 3, 2005
This article needs to be updated as Woodward is not closed... but here are some camps...

That's a pretty tough question. I've never been to IGC so I don't know what it is like.

The best camps that I have attended are only for levels 9/10 and above. Actually level 9/10 groups typically get treated differently at any camp.
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Coach Kate

Oct 13, 2021
I had an amazing experience at the University of Wisconsin Whitewater camp actually. It was extremely small the week I was there - less than 30 kids in multiple groups. We got so much individual attention, it was incredible. We did a full warm up and usually three events in the morning and another two in the afternoon (4 apparatus plus dance), and then there was some free time before dinner and an optional open gym in the evening. I liked it because it was pretty no frills and almost all of us were just there to do gymnastics - not as much of a summer camps experience, and no famous athletes or coaches, but I always found it valuable. This was 20 years ago though!