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I coach lower levels so not sure once you get out of compulsories - but I've found that generally speaking when people get back from camps there is a lot of correcting technique that was incorrectly learned. The camps oftentimes don't have enough staff to pay individual attention to each gymnast and correct technique.
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My daughter went as a Level 14 yo training level 9. She had an amazing time. IGC camp is more about the whole camp experience with gymnastics being a big, but not the only, part. Your child probably will not learn any new skills at IGC, and anything major is only allowed into a pit. But my daughter was not going for that experience or she would have gone to a college camp. She went to have a week away doing "campy" things and maintaining her skills for the week.
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My daughter (age 10) also went to IGC last summer and I agree with Mish. If you are looking for a true camp experience and make new friends while also solidifying skills then IGC is the perfect fit. My daughter absolutely loved her camp experience there and while she didn't come home with any new skills, she did come home with a renewed passion for gymnastics and a healthy, happy outlook to kick off her new season. She also made friends with some of the other campers and is still maintaining those friendships, another added bonus. She had also been to Woodward previously - IGC was a more structured and well-organized camp, cleaner, and overall, I felt that there was a much higher adult to gymnast ratio and a lot more supervision. They are, as another parent mentioned, conservative with skills so if you are sending your daughter in the hopes that they miraculously come back doing new upgrades, this may not be the best fit. Although...I have to say the tips and techniques they taught my daughter really translated into adopting the upgrades better once she was back at the gym.
They have a different celebrity guest and a different theme each week. They will start naming the guests on their website, if they having already. The celebrity guest was in the mix not only in the gym, but during recreational times and during some meals when my daughter was there. My daughter really had the most wonderful time there, mostly for socializing with friends and making new ones. The common thread is that they are all gymnasts, and they spend much of the day in the gym, but the socialization was key. You cannot have any phones or devices at IGC camp and she said she did not miss it once (as a 15 yo very attached to a phone). Again if you are going for hard core gymnastics and skill acquisition, this is not the right environment. I wish she had gone years before because likely that was the one and only time she will be going.
Ok thank you. Does the celeb guests only coach the older girls or does it rotate?
I only know from our experience, when my daughter went the celeb coach was a male (Justin Spring) and my daughter said he mainly coached the boys but was around a lot with the girls during the day but mostly "hovering". She did have a lot of interaction with him though, and they also did a session where they spoke to the kids. IGC Camp really was one of the best experiences my daughter has had, and that experience had almost nothing to do with the actual gymnastics. And that's OK!
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