Can any1 get hold of the olympic replica leotards from GK!!!

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Im really dissapointed i really love the purple leo shawn had in the floor final and now GK are selling it but dont ship to the there any1 out there who could get hold of one and put it on ebay for me pleeeeeeease :( i cant believe they only ship to US and Canada
try ebay.

claire5070 is selling them in the uk, maybe ask her for your size. If not there is always us ebay and they might ship to europe
I think you may have to ebay them at this point, because I am pretty sure GK is all done with them, and I was actually floating around ebay the other day, and there is someone there in the UK selling some of them. Also, if you check discount, they still have some, though not GK
Email the people at the outlet Down East/GK Outlet Home Page

Give them the code numbers and all the details of the suit you want. They shipped suits to me in Canada and I am sure they can help you. I got the purple one for a lot less than the advertised price on GK. Of course you will have to pay shipping.
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