WAG Can I restart gymnastics after quitting 2 years ago?

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Feb 1, 2019
I started gymnastics when I was 8 and worked my way up to level 8 training 9 by age 13. I was a decent/good gymnast and went to regionals my first (and last since i quit) level 8 season and placed. I moved to a new gym right after regionals and stayed there for only a few months until I quit. I really loved the sport when i first started, but I began to fear it and dread practice around level 7/8, and I think that's the reason i quit. now 2 years later, (i'm almost 15), i'm rethinking my decision to quit and i kind of want to go back. i think that i quit gymnastics because i was afraid of the bigger skills, so i thought i wasn't improving which made me really frustrated, and i guess that's the reason why i no longer enjoyed the sport i once loved. especially with moving to the new gym, which was a lot more intense, i felt like i just couldn't keep up and it wasn't worth spending 20hrs/week trying. now a few years later, i think that i really did love the sport, but i convinced myself that it just wasn't fun anymore (which is partially true, except i really miss it now that it's gone). Is it too late to go back to it now that i've taken so much time off? I'm not trying to go to the olympics or even reach level 10, but would i be able to get my skills back to where i left off (obviously with lots of training first)? Also, i want to go back to the first gym, but i feel like that would be awkward bc i left right after the season and went to another gym and then just quit, so i feel like the coaches at my original gym are kinda mad at me. advice?


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Sep 4, 2008
Talk to your parents. They will probably have you talk to the coaches. Comeback to Chalk Bucket when you’re 16.
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