Can I restart gymnastics?

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This appears to be a girl's forum, but oh well I need any advice on this I can get. So here's the thing: I did gymnastics from like preschool to about first grade and then I just never went back. My parents didn't really like the gym in our town so we kinda left. Now I'm 18 and I want to start again. I don't want to go to the Olympics and I don't want to be a superstar, I just want to have a way to keep in shape and have fun.

My questions:

1) Is it too late to start again?

2) If I did start again, would I have to be in like a five year old class? It would be a little less embarrassing if I could be with at LEAST the twelve year olds lol.

3) Would the people at the gym just be like "can you do a handstand?" "Can you do a back handspring?" and test me to see where I'd be placed or would I have to figure out what class to put myself in?

Of course you can.

I've known quite a few gymnasts who didn't start till High School and competed well in College. From a laymen's POV, they're amazing.

Depending where you are and what gyms are around, you might end up with an actual adult class that is progressive vs just some open gym time for adults with basic supervision.

You will probably not have to endure attending a class with a bunch of little kids. It doesn't make for a suitable dynamic for the coach and kids, as well as yourself. If you were under 18, things may be different if you were a female, or maybe even a guy. Don't count on it.
well i think you can still start but they will test your vault bars beam and floor. so that way you dont have to try and figure it out! they will help you.
It's never too late! I know two extremely accomplished gymnasts who started when they were 19.

As far as what sort of class you'd be in, it really depends on the gym. A large gym may already have adult classes, a small gym will more likely work you win with some other existing class; at my gym, when we had a 16-year-old join who had never done gymnastics before, and we let him come in and work out with the team boys.
It's never too late to start gymnastics. My brother always wanted to do gymnastics growing up, but he stuck with swimming through highschool. When he got to college he took up gymnastics and he loved it. Check out gyms in your area and see what they have to offer.
Gymnastics and martial arts

You might try to train in martial arts and/or gymnastics to stay in shape.

I've seen many older teenagers and adults begin to learn martial arts solely to stay in shape. But at the same time, they also learned a skill which, if kept up, could serve them well throughout their lives. Some high level martial artists, particularly in Tae Kwon Do, actually train in gymnastics to improve their kicking skills!

I know several gymnasts who at the end of their career turned to the martial arts to maintain a certain level of physical activity in their lives. My niece, a former elite gymnast, took up kickboxing after injuries ended her gymnastics career. She now teaches both martial arts ( kickboxing)and gymnastics to adults. So gymnastics for adults is out there. And, as the coaches, above, pointed out, you are definitely not too old! Go for it.

It is never too late to start up again or start for the first time! I worked out with a 45 year old at open gyms!

I don't think the kids would be like that at all. I sure hope not. THey should have respect for you that you are coming back to something because you are having fun. It shouldn't matter if you are 18 or 45! There are some gyms that offer adult classes too. My gym used to do that and it was great! I loved working out with one of the ladies at open gym, we helped each other work our way to get skills. Well, you're not old and some of the youngers girls will have a lot of fun with you.

Most gyms test you and figure what level would be beneficial for you. I am at a rec. gym and there was a 17 year old in our class and we became great friends. Sure we weren't close in age but it is still fun!

Tell us how it goes! I think it is really great that your are going for it!!
This is really encouraging! The only issue: money. How expensive is gymnastics as a sport? And would I get to enter any sort of competitions? That's not why I'm doing gymnastics, but it just seems like that would be part of the overall experience.

Also, (sorry for all the questions) when there's a class available that says "5 and up" does that mean me?...I guess I'll have to just call them and find out. They're sure to not turn away a paying customer and potential gym talent lol.
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