For Parents Can I say how much I love DD coaches?

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Proud Parent
Feb 16, 2008
DD changed gyms this last Sept so that she could compete level 3, she is now training level 4. Her gym is owned by a young couple, he is 27 and she is 25. This is the second gym that they have ran (the first was in MN, now they are in WI). They are just the greatest. DD can have fear, especially on the beam, but they so know how to coach her. Today I go to pick her up and her female coach tells me that DD has somethings to tell me/show me. Today after months of trying she made her cartwheel on the low beam. She tried to show me but kept missing, so her coach goes and stands by the beam and uses one hand to spot her at the waist for the first 3, then steps back for her to do two more, then walks away for her to do on her own. She really understands that DD just needs the confidence that she can do it, with her close at first, but then she will slowly back away once she is getting it.

The second thing was that they have given DD the go ahead to do RO BHS on the floor without the male coach close. Last week he changed places with his wife so that he could spot DD on one, then stay close while she did about 4 more.

I think that if we stayed at our old gym DD would be lucky to be preteam, even with private lessons that she used to have once in a while there, here now she is solid with level 4 and uptraining level 5-6.



Proud Parent
Proud Parent
Sep 25, 2007
Great coaches make all the difference. I am so glad we checked out another gym when DD was getting bored and passed by to advance at her old gym. She would probably have ended up stuck in their pre-team area forever and never have had a chance to compete. I don't think she will be in gymnastics for long, but she really wants to compete and I am glad she will have that chance.

Glad she has found the right match for her personality! :D


I'm so happy for you and dd.:) That really does make all the difference, doesn't it? My dd just move up to Level 5 and the one coach can be a real bear sometimes. I sometimes think she doesn't quite know how to talk to the younger girls. Her other coach is just the opposite. He makes them work hard without realizing they're doing it. He makes it fun yet serious. I guess we have to take the good with the bad. I'm hoping it will all even out in the end. DD still loves it, so I guess that's all that matters! :D


Proud Parent
Feb 10, 2007
Thats great I think a good coach that makes the kids feel safe and comfortable can make a HUGE diff.
sounds like the move was good for her.

I know what you mean I love the coaches my girls have they will let them know what they need to work on but Its always in a tone that is not making them fel bad and they also make sure they poing out what is good about the move. my kids feel so good about themselves! isnt that what this is all about id the kids and making them feel good (yes they need to work hard etc)
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