can you have a backhandspring, back layout series in a level 8 USAG beam routine?

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just curious... is a backhandspring back layout series allowed? (lvl 8 beam)
Yes, actually i think you can. My old teamate competed it for level 8 last year as a level 8. I believe they changed the rules to where you can do D's but i think they count as C's.

All I know is that she competed it. And I wondered the same thing at the time.
Yes, actually i think you can. My old teamate competed it for level 8 last year as a level 8. I believe they changed the rules to where you can do D's but i think they count as C's.

I thought that was the rule at 9?

To the best of my knowledge, no, you cannot compete a layout on beam at 8. You cannot compete any D (there may be an exception for dance D's, I'd have to check).
I'm pretty sure that D's can be competed--they're just counted as C's at level 8, and D's are D's at level 9, but i'm not 100% sure.
it was allowed in years past because it was a "C". I believe this year the updated the code making it a D. I had most of my 8's doing it last year, but none this year. I'll ask the the beam coach I tend to forget most beam code :)
hmmm thanks for the responses, guys - everyone has different answers, so if anyone looks into it and has a solid response please let me know :]
:):)hey yeah u can do a bhs layout step out in level 8 as usag rules u rele cant im a level eight and i an doing both layout step out andn bhs backtuck on the beam but i dont know for sure
Same thing happened to the aerial, which was getting more common in L8 before it was changed to a D. You can't do Ds in L8 without penalty and a D in L9 is effectively counted as a C for connection purposes because there's no difficulty bonus and C+C qualifies for max connective so basically all a D can be counted as is a C. A "D" value beam acro skill like a layout will void the exercise in L8.

You can find this information in this PDF: and Policies/2007part2-sect2-levreqtext.pdf, but here are the relevant sections:

Level 8:
“C’sâ€￾ receive “Bâ€￾ Value Part credit.
“D/Eâ€￾ BB/FX Acro elem. & UB mounts,
dismounts & releases VOID exercise.
All other “D/E’sâ€￾ receive 2.00 penalty
& no Value Part credit is given.

Level 9:
No difficulty restrictions; however, if a
“Dâ€￾ or “Eâ€￾ element is performed, it
receives “Câ€￾ Value Part credit. “D’sâ€￾
and “E’sâ€￾ are considered as “C’sâ€￾ for​
Connection Value


my friend did a side aerial on beam last year, which is also a D (a layout step-out is a D) and got her entire routine VOIDED!!!

you can do D's at level 9, but they get C credit and no bonus for doing it on it's own since it is considered a C.

at level 8 YOU CANNOT DO D's. a backlayout is a D. ****however***** it gets connection value as a C not a D so that you cannot rack up all this bonus from it.

if you're an 8, DON'T DO IT!!!
Where can I find a list of what an A, B C or D element/skill is?
Backhandspring layout

:beam:from what I know by seeing the level 8's practice in their routines they do backhandspring backhandspring connected but they are training layouts as well.
-Emme (level 7 gymnast)
You cannot, my friend was going to but then they changed the rules. She's now in level 9. Hope this helps...;)
About 4 years ago, the layout stepout was valued as a C. Level 8s could do C acro skills and therefore there were some gymnasts who competed bhs/blo as their beam series at level 8.

Two years ago, the layout stepout on beam was upgraded to a D. Up until this year, only C acro was allowed at Level 8 so the layout stepout disappeared in Level 8 beam routines when the layout stepout became a D.

Beginning this season, the layout stepout is back to being valued as a C. Another change this season, however, is that level 8s no longer can do C acro on floor and beam. Therefore, the layout stepout continues not to be allowed at Level 8 (it is a C, Level 8s cannot do C acro) although for a different reason than in the past.
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