Can you really get into gymnastics non-comp?

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the Late gymnast

:confused:I've been doing gymnastics about 3 months and i'm non-comp i'm wondering is there something i'm compleatly missing or can you get the best out of gymnatics non-comp?????
Sep 21, 2008
Imo, competing is just as fun as training. The purpose of gymnastics is to see how far you can push your limit safely. The purpose of competition is to show everyone else that you can do it better than they can.

If you have a coach like me, then you can get whatever you want out of practicing. If you are surrounded by those who strive only for the competition (I don't know too many coaches like that personally...) Then you may miss out.

Good luck! Be safe! And keep on loving gymnastics. There really is nothing like it in the world...

the Late gymnast

Ok thanks i'm gonna try a new coach and see if i like it better


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Jan 4, 2008
It depends on the coach. Most coaches and gyms tend to be focussed on the competitive side if things. They often think that if you don't want to compete it also means you don't want to train seriously as a gymnasts. They think you just want to have fun and learn a few skills as opposed to learning things properly.

A good coach will make sure you dont miss out on anything.

The other thing can be the hours. A competitive gymnasts trains many many more hours a week than most rec gymnasts. You can't get even a fraction of the training they get when you train a fraction of the hours.

the Late gymnast

okay thanks like i said i'm trying a new gym i'll see if that helps
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