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Proud Parent
Oct 9, 2015
I have a Canadian friend (Ontario) who is interested in having her daughter do competitive gymnastics- she's currently in a rec program. This friend has asked me a number of questions about gymnastics programs, but I'm not sure if the system is the same as the US. Does Canada do Xcel and the Development Program, or do they call it something different? Is there a meet scores site for Canadian gyms?


Proud Parent
Oct 3, 2018
Hi, We are in Quebec province so it may be a bit different. Here we have regional gymnastique ( seems a bit like excel, less hour) and provincial gymnastique ( JO 4-8) and after that national gymnastic ( JO 9-10). We seems to have less competition ( from 2 to 4 each year). Hours seems a little bit less here ( my daughter is a L7 and does 16 hours).
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Proud Parent
Aug 5, 2017
Xcel is newer here but we do have it. Otherwise, our provincial program follows the JO/development levels.

We definitely have fewer competitions than it seems you do in the US.

Scores can be found on the gymnastics Ontario site under “results”. They used to be easily accessible in beyond the scores but that doesn’t exist anymore.
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