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How is Rayna doing? Did I miss an update on her toe!?? I think that was back in March, wasn't it? Is she back training?

Enquiring minds want to know!

Hi Lisa!

Thanks or the enquiry! I've been mia for awhile because I've managed to break my pelvis, and sitting at the computer in't all that welcoming!

Rayna's been back to full training for awhile now, and actually has an invitational competition on Sunday afternoon! I guess we're about to find out what shape she's in!

Thanks again for asking about us! We're here, just sitting in the shadows.

Glad to hear she is back training and doing well. Good luck to Rayna at her meet!!
Well I am glad to hear Rayna Is doing good ,let us no how her meet goes.I am so sorry to hear about you breaking your pelvis.How did that happen?
Yes, how the heck did you break your pelvis???

Glad to hear Rayna's back at it - I took another peak at her youtube video's yesterday - she's just got such a sparkle to her, I really enjoy watching her do her routines :)

We have our final competition of the year next weekend - it's our "fun" one, the one after provincials that the coaches let the girls move to the next level (if they are ready) - Alannah will be doing L4 Tyro and is VERY excited - she had a good season as an L3, but was still a bit surprised when they said she would be doing L4 at this meet - she is proud and excited and a teensy bit nervous all at once! She was sooo close to doing her giant, giant, flyaway and then Thursday developed a huge rip on her hand, so she hasn't been able to do them for a few days now.....not sure if she will be doing it in her routine or not. Also supposed to be competing her BT on beam for the first time......think I'll be closing my eyes for that one, LOL!

So, how DID you break your pelvis???

Well, I broke it walking...

The cause has yet to be determined. In the past 2 weeks, I've had 2 CT scans, an MRI and a bone scan. This coming Tuesday, I have a bone biopsy:(

The doctors are trying to determine if the deterioration in my pelvis is due to damage from my previous radiation, or if it's something else entirely. They've thrown around words such as, osteomylietis, metabolic disorders, recurrance...

Anyways, my kids know nothing, other than that mom is a klutz and broke herself, lol. No reason to worry them. The upside...I'm getting incredibly buff in my upper body! Crutches are a real workout.

Thanks for asking.


Sending you good vibes that they can figure out what is going on with you and that it has some kind of treatment. Lots of hugs going at you as well.
Best wished for Rayna's meet and your recovery. We miss you when you are not around!
Glad to hear Rayna has recovered! Sorry about your pelvis hopefully you will have some answers soon! Sending get well prayers your way.
Court competed in London yesterday, did very well. Best of luck to Rayna this afternoon! :)
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