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Hello, my name is Carly-Mae or just Carly,
I am a gymnastics fan and soon joining a
gymnastic gym anyway how is everyone?!
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Hi welcome here. This is a nice place. Have you done gymnastics before, or will you be doing it for the first time?
Well I have not done offical but my friend taught me
how to do a cartwheel, a handstand, a shoulder stand,
a crab, and a from standing up and going into a crab!
Ive also done a 3 day course before working on the
beam manly and I can proudly say I can walk across
it without falling off! ^_^
I don't have a party planned but I caught my mom chatting with my bff while I wasn't around and my sister let it slip that I shouldn't waste the camcorder battery(watching old meet tapes). So I am VERY suspicious!
I would be also seems very suspicious well I hope you
have a nice day anywho! Hope is a great suprise if its is!
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