Cartwheel back tuck

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Feb 8, 2008
One of the girls in my gym training for level 7 has been working on her cartwheel back tucks off the beam. She's a lefty, and is used to taking off for her back tuck with her left leg slightly in front, but her cartwheel ends with her right foot in front. Once upon a season ago when I was attempting to learn cartwheel back tucks my coach told me that I just had to get used to tucking with the other foot in front.

It escaped the coaches notice that this girl has been practicing putting her back foot in front of her first foot and of course she has it super consistently with a nice set off the beam, and now she feels awkward putting her second foot behind where it belongs. Her theory now is that she will just do her cartwheel back tuck so quick that they won't even notice that she's bringing her left foot in front rather than behind. Of course, the coach just loves this theory.

So how much of a deduction would this be in a meet?


Jun 24, 2008
Not a deduction as long as it doesn't interfere with rhythm or height of the salto, which it doesn't sound like it does.
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