Anon Cartwheel Round-off in L8?

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Feb 16, 2022
I’m currently getting my skills for L8. I am working on BHS connections on beam, but idk if they will be ready by my first meet in November. I was wondering if you could compete a cartwheel roundoff, a single back handspring for another B, a full turn, and a switch leap split jump. For my dismount, i’d either do a front full or a roundoff tuck. Would that routine start from a 10.0?
Feb 16, 2022
10.0 start value I believe. You have 4 As and 4 Bs, and you fulfill the requirement of a series with flight.
If you're going to do the roundoff-tuck dismount, why not connect it into your series so you don't have an extra roundoff? Or, could you connect your single BHS to the back tuck?
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