WAG Cast-away kips (clear hip into kip) drills?

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Jan 11, 2021
So DD is currently training Xcel Platinum and their coach is having them heavily train clear hips and “cast away kips ”. DD has a pretty good clear hip (she drops fairly welll, gets good clearance at the end) but she can’t figure out how to fix the kip out of it. Her coach says she’s not “casting” and pushing off the bar enough when they try it out of a cast. I’ve noticed that she either hits the ground and whips it out anyway or tries to bring her feet up and then they never really come off the bar (she’s just piked like the end of a kip or like a rocker kip/drop kip) and she doesn’t get momentum to get back up without a glide swing afterward. I don’t get why DD is struggling so much, because she got her kip in a month or two and has the strength. it doesn’t make sense to me.

Have any of you heard of or have drills to help with this?
Usually dropping the feet before a kip is a result of lack of enough abdominal strength. You need more strength for a cast away kip than a regular kip. Working lots of L leg lifts (start in an L hang, bring toes to the bar, back to an L hang) can help those muscles. I did have a little bit of difficulty visualizing the description of your DD's cast away kips but hopefully I answered your question
When I was first training free hips into a kip I did lots of v-ups to help with core strength and hip flexors, she should try holding hollow body holds while putting her grips on to also help with abs, training basic kip drills can also help, even with a good kip doing kip drills will help increase her strength and abilities and will make it easier to do out of the free hip.
Not sure I quite understood either, but if she's hitting her feet on the ground after the clear hip when kipping out of it there are likely two reasons. First, she needs to shift earlier so that her wrists are on top of the bar so that she can "power down" or slow her momentum coming out of the clear hip. Second, the technique in the kip is different than a regular kip. It is like doing a kip in reverse in that the feet are brought close to the bar and then extend our into the glide. If she's trying to do her usual glide swing out of the clear hip she'll hit her feet on the ground.
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Going from just getting her kip a month or two ago to doing it in combination with clear hip is a big jump in difficulty. It is very reasonable to expect this combo to take a while. Is her kip very good and very consistent on its own? Does she do them comfortably on the high bar? Combining skills is a lot harder than doing them individually. Good luck.