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hey guys [:
so, i've been trying to get my cast handstand. i can do it, but it only happens every once in a while, and usually in practice when no one is looking haha.
i need to consistently be able to cast high.
i know to lean over the bar, but i think the problem is that once i start casting i push my shoulders back too fast so my cast stops.

also, when i cast high my legs bend and my back gets all archy, and it doesn't look so pretty. the answer to that might just be to squeeze harder, hah.

so do you have any drills for casting?


Nov 12, 2007

You can download an article i wrote on the cast to HS a while back from Gym Coach Journal - Developing the straight body cast to handstand
Might have some info and drill that will help you.

The fact that you can do it already is really good. To fix up the archyness and the knee bending it will take conscious effort. Start with trying to fix your leg shape first than worry about the achyness.
How are you doing from support or from a kip?

Essentially you are right that you are probably pushing your shoulder back to soon, and your archy cause you not staying tight enough from the stomach. However you should know that arching up to handstand is an acceptable technique to the code..your coach might not like it (which don't either), but it has a purpose. Its something that can be refined especially if you snap into a nice tight handstand at the top.
Nov 29, 2008
Minn eee sooo ta! :)
Mine used to look like that, but then i started going harder for it and thinking about casting over the bar. Once i finally got it consistant, then i worked on straight legs and keeping hollow. I did them out of my kip so i had more power and i put my head in right away which eliminated a lot of the arch. Also, i think about opening my shoulders and like pushing myself to a handstand with mostly my arms if you get what i mean. Anyways, they just take time, so keep practicing and good luck!:)


The first thing my coach had me do was learn to cast over the bar then go back and learn to control it. I have my hast to handstand now so it worked. It took about a month or two to get it but I guess all that matters is if you have it for competition.
Dec 8, 2008
Have you practiced falling over the othe side of the bar. Are you afraid of going for the cast and falling over the bar?
we do a drill where we lie on a spotting block and have our hands on a parlallette and then rock up into a handstand. After the initial archy rock, we holow up the rest of the way...I actucally do the exact same thing as you in my handstand, and sometimes I slip off the front...I hope the drill works for you!


Yeah, chest roll to HS is a good drill for cast to HS and hollow body press on rings or floor. An easier version is to lay on a panel mat, hands on floor in seal/cobra position; then lean forward, pulling hips out to either pike up to HS or straddle once yours hips are high enough above your shoulders.
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