cast to HS and Press HS?

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Mar 29, 2009
North Carolina
On bars, i can't seem to get a cast HS. I get so close, but my coach says i am not opening my shoulders. I can't seem to figure out how to open my shoulders! Are there any drills for this?
Also, i am incredibly strong, but i can't figure out how to do a press handstand! I have tried every drill in the book but i can't get it! Not even from a stand!! Against a wall i can sometimes do it but i have to have my hands like, literally a foot away from the wall which hurts my wrists. And i can do it off my bed....haha, i think anyone could to that. Any advice?
Have you ever tried press headstands? Thats how i worked up the ability to do it from a stand. i still can't do it sitting though. Also try jumping from a stand to get up or put your feet up on something.
Yes, i can do it off of my bed...haha. And that is my problem...i can't do it WITHOUT jumping. I feel like i always cheat on these because i can't do them without jumping! :( And i just tried a press headstand and they are hard! haha. But i did make a good one :)
Well thats good you can do them off your head. :) Just keep doing them until they become easy. Also now that I think about it the first few times I did one standing with jumping I had someone help me till I could do it on my own.
These are hard and you will probably need to put in a substantial amount of numbers before it happens. Can you hold a straddle press with your behind AND legs/feet off the ground for at least 5 seconds? If not start there.
If you are strong but lack the active flexibility in your straddle-L, the press HS will be difficult.

Press Headstand.

Press Headstand, head on panel mat.

Press Handstand on wall. Use parallettes if it kills your wrists too much or attempt to bring your hands closer.
Could me not being able to do a press handstand relate to not being able to do a cast handstand? it seems that i can not open my shoulders on either one. And i just worked on my press handstandsome more and i did it on a mat easily and could do it on the wall, barely!
A couple of shoulder opening drills:

1. Lying on your back, arms by your side, holding onto weights (start lighter and get heavier) Sit up and raise arms above your head and then lay back down into the starting position. Do Lots of these!

2. Start on your knees, with hands on the floor just infront of your knees. From this position, try to 'lift' to handstand (It is a lift but not like in a straddle press as you do 'launch' yourself by straightening your legs) - hope you can visualise this one, I always find it hard to describe!)

Also, do lots and lots of cast handstand and press handstands with support!
2. Sounds like a jump press from a kneeling position jumping off the instep. Of course you could just tuck planche and open to HS.

Ever try forward roll to HS. Out of the forward roll, reach down and jump hips in either tuck, straddle, or pike to HS.
At practice today my coach spotted me on cast HS's and she said that she is not doing anything, and that my only problem is leaning my shoulders over the bar.

I have the same problem as you gymfan! I cannot do press handstands unless my feet are raised alittle, and on cast handstands my shoulders are over the bar and all but I cant bring my feet together and twist off. But when my coach spots me he says he is not touching me at all. I think that skill is just in my head ;) But the press hand stand I cannot do!
That's a bit odd. You are may not fully understand the skill part of it, though you probably have the strength.

Maybe you just misunderstand the action...? I can do headstand press no problem and I can do one against the wall but I am probably not as strong as you so I think this is the case.

When you do it against the wall think of "rolling" your back out, so that it's straight. Then it's just a matter of lifting your toes to a handstand.

Also certain body types will make it easier; I have long arms which helps when doing it from a stand. It's okay not to have a press. Sometimes you can't help it. I know of a girl going into elite who couldn't do a press.
Some people can't press from sitting, but I think being able to do a press from standing is pretty important for good execution of some optional skills. It's also easier to get than from sitting. Try to think of not pushing your feet back, you want to lift your bottom with your feet as compressed in towards your arms as possible (upside down pancake stretch position) and then straddle your legs to handstand. Similar for the cast straddle handstand, a drill and way to think about it would be cast straddle stand onto the bar, then jump or press to handstand.

Stalder leg lifts can be good (leg lift straddle through until bottom is up by the bar...when coming down again, don't let the feet kick out....lower your bottom keeping your feet near the bar first).
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