casts and free hip circle

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i used to be able to cast really high, but now i can't. some time in 2008, (summer?) i fell while doing a cast hanstand, but i don't think thats why. also, free hip circles. does anybody have any tips on how i can get higher after my free hip?


Sep 21, 2008
If it is a fear thing, the answer is the same as if it wasnt - go back to the basics. Start casting small, and feel the drive from your heels. Little by little, build the confidence and strength to get higher and higher. For strength, you can do tight arch holds (like superman flying), and leg lifts.

There are also a number of drills you can do for straddle casts, but Im assuming you werent doing those...

As for your free hip, height comes partially from the cast, partially from timing.

You need to learn to drive your shoulders as your feet come up in a hollow. Basically, the idea is cast - hollow - toes + shoulders. The heigher the cast, the higher the resuting freehip. A good drill is to find a low bar, put a crash mat under/behind the bar. Cast, and as your toes come in push off the bar and land hollow on your back on the crash pad. If your toes come up and hit the bar, youre not hollow.

That's all I can think of for now.. Other than putting a spotting block behind the bar and end your free hip on the block. As they get easier, add height the the spotting block with extra mats, etc... and make the freehip higher.

Take care,




Thanks, Coach Ryan, I'll give a try. Timing? I think that might be it. :):rolleyes:
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