catleaps and scissor leaps

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when i was away training the coach there told me to bring my arms up to help me get height but my coach here is telling me to pull my arms back but i can't quite figure out which one to do if u got any tips that would be great thxxxxxx-Lauryn:rolleyes:


As you jump up, your arms come up, too. This way the momentum of your arms will combine with the jump to make you go higher. I'm not sure what your current coach means by pull your arms back, unless you are twisting these jumps. To twist the arms come up, then angle across the body (so the arm you're twisting towards will be going backwards). Why not ask your coach what he means? If I had a kid who didn't understand my corrections, I'd want them to ask so I could give them a correction they do understand.
Sep 13, 2007
way out West
Cat leaps and "scissor leaps" (or switch-leaps) are typically done with very different arm movements.

Usually, during a cat leap, the arms move from low position to forward middle, and then to crown as the first leg rises.

On a switch-leap, the arms swing forward middle as the first leg swings, and then forcefully side middle during the switch. Some kids seem to benefit from swinging the arms backward during the step leading into the switch leap, but I personally don't see a big difference, and it looks to me like it slows down whatever speed they build in their chasse.
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