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In honour of Bean hitting the 3 year mark in gymnastics I thought I’d put out a Q&A type post so we can all get to know each other and our girls better!

State/Province? Ontario, Canada

Gymnast age-10

Years in gym-3


Favourite event-Floor

Number of Competitions-8
3 as a level 3
4 as a level 5
1 as a level 7

Most difficult skill to acquire-Anything vault related

Easiest skills to acquire- anything strength and flexibility related-ex. Press Handstands

Hours in the gym? Since moving up to level 7, Bean’s been training 16 hours per week.

Injuries? A few months of pain from severs and the thoroughly broken and dislocated toe. Bean has been fortunate.

Gymnast’s goals? Bean’s goals are never big. Most recently it was to qualify for Ontario Cup. As far as longer range goals, she’d like to save enough money to go to Arizona with her team next March. We had to decline this year due to finances:(

Mom’s goals for the gym-nut? To see her continue to grow (slowly, lol!) into a happy, dedicated, and passionate adult!

I’m looking forward to reading your replies!!

Canadian Gym Mom


Proud Parent
Sep 4, 2008
Dallas, TX
State/Province? Dallas, Texas

Gymnast age-10

Years in gym-6


Favorite event-Bars!!! Came out swinging... :)

Number of Competitions-?
4 as a level 3
? as a level 4
7 as a level 5
6 as a level 6
3 as a level 7 so far

Most difficult skill to acquire- stride circle at level 4 , too much power, would do

Easiest skills to acquire- anything strength related also

Hours in the gym? 17-21 week

Injuries? just severs....

Gymnast’s goals? I'm not real sure what her goal is... we just take it year for year.. I know she has said she would love to coach..

Mom’s goals for the gym-nut? to be the best she can be and if she decides to continue, I would love for her to do college gymnastics.


Proud Parent
Mar 7, 2008
Region 7
State/Province? New Jersey

Gymnast age- 8.5 and 11 (turning 12 next wk)

Years in gym- 5.5 and 8

Level- 2nd yr level 5 and 8

Favourite event- Beam (Little Monkey) and Floor (Big DD)

Number of Competitions- too many to count but roughly 10 each girl each level each prior year. This year
Little Monkey so far 1 - 2nd one next wk
Big DD 2nd one tomorrow

Most difficult skill to acquire- Bars - Little monkey squat on, Big DD - handstand pirouette

Easiest skills to acquire- tumbling

Hours in the gym? 15 hrs/wk

Injuries? None - knock on wood!

Gymnast’s goals? Big DD - perfect her giants & tsuk vaults, get that pirouette
Little monkey - "to do great on every event"

Mom’s goals for the gym-nut? To see both girls succeed in learning the skills they need/want


Proud Parent
Mar 1, 2007
State/Province? New jersey (USA)

Gymnast age- 7

Years in gym-4 total (1 yr rec, 1 yr pre-team, 2 yrs L4)

Level-just moved up to L5

Favourite event-bars

Number of Competitions-
8 as a first yr L4
9 as a second yr L4

Most difficult skill to acquire-Just starting L5 so probably her Kip

Easiest skills to acquire- anything strength related-she loves when they do TOPS training and loves press handstands, leg lifts and holding handstands long

Hours in the gym? Right now keeping the L4 hrs (11) but in June will get add'l hours as a L5 and move up to another day and another couple hours.

Injuries? Last month about 2 weeks before Christmas she fell off the rope and landed on her heel. Small hairline fracture in her heel and also a cyst so she was in a walking boot for about 3 weeks. She's been in the gym, but not doing a full practice yet. Can start back again after Feb 2nd

Gymnast’s goals? Hmmm, not sure if she sets goals for herself yet. She's very excited to be called a L5 now and wants to get all those skills, especially on bars.

Mom’s goals for the gym-nut? Just want her to be happy in the gym. We don't expect her to be top of the class in talent, but we know she has the heart and enjoy watching her enthusiasm and passion grow as she aquires new skills.


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Feb 26, 2007
State - Quebec, Canada

Gymnasts - 9 & 12

Years in gym - 5 & 9

Levels - CR3 Argo Avance & P2 Novice

Fav event - floor & Bars

Number of meets -

youngest -
3 last year

oldest -
3 at PQ Argo
3 at P1 Argo
6 at P2 Tyro (2 years)
1 at P2 Novice

Most difficult skill - the kip to be sure.

Hours in gym - youngest 9, oldest 11.

Youngest has trouble with her ankles, flat feet that roll in, mild problem.

Oldest- poor thing- started at 9 with jumpers knee, followed by two solid years of achilles tendinitis and then the discovery of scoliosis that threw hip hips out of alignment and caused major pain. Over two years of minimal tumbling and hardly any vaulting. Now fine, but it was very hard for her, but she never gave up and always did her best. She's a tenacious girl.

Goals -
Youngest wants to gets backs off everything beam, bars and floor and is close on all.

Oldest really wants that handstand on bars.

Moms goals - to keep them in gym for fitness and social reasons. To have them enjoy the training and feel good about themselves. To keep minimal hours in order to maximise time with family.


Proud Parent
Feb 19, 2007
O.K... I'll join in!

State - The Old Dominion! Virginia

Gymnast - Turned 14 last week

Years in gym - 5... team for 3

Level - 6

Fav event - It used to be beam, then bars, now she doesn't know!

Number of meets -

7 at Level 4
8 at Level 5
3 so far at Level 6

Most difficult skill - the kip at level 5, and now she's trying and trying for that cast handstand needed for L7

Hours in gym - 14.5/week


Broken collar bone on August, sprained her ankle very badly in December... still has trouble w/it.

Goals - to get to Level 7 next year and get that cast to handstand! She's 14 now and "bigger" than the other girls, so it's a real struggle for her to get all that length properly positioned!

Moms goals - to keep her in gymnastics for fitness and social reasons (sorry, Bog, I copied yours, but it's what I've always said too!) She's beginning that "dangerous age" and I want to keep her busy and out of trouble! So far she's a "role model" to the younger ones, and that's great for her self confidence. They all LOVE, LOVE her! She refers to herself as "the gymnast", so that's great for her self esteem too. I would love for her to compete for her high school team (if that survives all the budget cuts here), but she's not so crazy about doing that! We'll see. . .
Jan 17, 2008
State/Province? Minnesota

Gymnast age - 13

Years in gym - almost 9.

Level- 8

Favorite event - Beam

Number of Competitions-?
It is hard to remember but this is close
6 - Level 5
7 - Level 6
10 - Level 7 (First Year)
9 - Level 7 (Second Year)
3 - Level 8 (so far.. we are scheduled for 9 not including state and regionals)

Most difficult skill to acquire-

Bar skills. Pullover, Kip and Handstand Pirouette.
Mentally on Beam.. her backhandspring, She has 'lost it' a couple times... but physically could to them

Easiest skills to acquire- Tumbling, Flexibility things, Leaps straddles,

Hours in the gym? 18 hours a week

Injuries? A couple wrist sprains, and some tendonitis type aches in her knees and wrists

Gymnast’s goals?
Short term: Make it to State as a L8
Long Term: Compete in College

Mom’s goals for the gym-nut?
To keep loving what she is doing, to realize her Full potential. If those happen she can achieve both her goals!

gym monkeys mom

Proud Parent
Oct 3, 2007
State/Province? Minnesota

Gymnast age - 13

Years in gym - 10

Level- 7 2nd year

Favorite event - Beam

Number of Competitions-?
It is hard to remember but this is close
4 -Level 4
12- Level 5 2years at this level
7 - Level 6
7 - Level 7 (First Year)
2 - Level 7 (Second Year this year)

Difficult skills to acquire- Bar skills 1st it was the Kip Then mentally "The Giant" just got it this year spent about 18 month on it.

Easiest skills to acquire- Power Skills tumbling and vault she loves to tumble

-Fav event- usually beam but this year she hass had an issue with it. DD fell 2 x last meet. She is now working a new serise this should help she will be doing BHS BHS instead of BWO BHS. Not sure how thats easier but she says it is.

Hours in the gym? 13 hours a week

Injuries? knees and ankles mostly due to growth and flat feet did PTt now is great. Sees chiropractor regularly I think it helps her alot

Gymnast’s goals?
Short term: Make it to State as a L7she has only been to State as a Level 6
Long Term: Not sure about College but want to coach

Mom’s goals for monkey girl? Be the best she can be and proud of it. Be a light and blessing to others in her life and faith .

I am most proud of her for her perserverance to the sport. At the end of level 6 she lost her whole team to a new gym this was agonizing for her. They had been teammates since level 4.

As a result she spent last year with no teammates it was a real growing year for her. This year she has wonderful teammates and is very blessed by them.

She has grown a bunch as a gymnast and looks well put together. Now that she got her giant at the 1st meet this year. Her head is clear and in the game so to speak. I am very proud of her.


Proud Parent
Proud Parent
Sep 25, 2007
State/Province? Arizona

Gymnast age 6

Years in gym 2

Level 4

Favorite event Bars and vault

Number of Competitions
3 at Level 4 (has 5 this season as a L4)

Most difficult skill to acquire-Anything flexibility related and the BEAM

Easiest skills to acquire- Bars have been the easiest for her so far

Hours in the gym? 10 hours a week

Injuries? None, yet. I am sure it is almost inevitable.

Gymnast’s goals?

Short term-get her kip, BT on floor, FHS and move to training L5 after this season.

Long term-She says she wants to get to L10, but that at least to L7 so she can have her own routines. She is always making up routines she plans on doing someday.

Mom’s goals for the gym-nut? For her to continue to do what she loves. I love the person she is at the gym. I love her determination and love for the sport. I love that she has learned that hard work eventually pays off, though I can't wait for her to see how that applies to real world stuff like school, LOL.


State/Province: B.C.

Gymnast age 10

Years in gym 5

Level P3 (Provincial L3 - similar to L7/L8)

Favorite event All of them!

Number of Competitions
5 this season in total - we've just done the first this weekend

Most difficult skill to acquire-oddly enough, her back walkover - years ago!

Easiest skills to acquire-press to handstand on beam, and tumbling comes pretty easy to her.

Hours in the gym? 20 hours a week

Injuries? Broken elbow at age 8 (surgery and 4 months rehab), some mild tendonitis

Gymnast’s goals?

Short term-working on her layout full on floor, and back tuck on beam
Long term-to compete on a national level

Mom’s goals for the gym-nut? For her to achieve her goals!

Granny Smith

Proud Parent
Jun 21, 2007
My turn!

My turn....

State/Province: NJ

Gymnast age 12

Years in gym 8

Level Level 8

Favorite event That's a toughy, she likes them all, but I can say her least and most challenging event is vault.

Number of Competitions
I've never counted to be able to give you a true idea, but I can say that this season she will be competing in 8 with the potential for 9 if she were to make Regional - don't want to jinx anything though! ;)

Most difficult skill to acquire- along time ago she had a hard time with her kip, hard to believe now when you watch her on bars! Her toughest skill at the moment though is twisting. I think the coaches are laying off of it because they don't want to mess with her tumbling in her routines at this point, since she is doing so well competing. I think though when the season is over that it will be hard core twisting for her.

Easiest skills to acquire - giants and acro skills on beam.

Hours in the gym? 20 hours a week

Injuries? None, dd has been blessed without any real injuries over the years.

Gymnast’s goals? I know that she would love to make Regionals, but we'll just wait and see about that. She also always says that she would like to do gymnastics in college.

Mom’s goals for the gym-nut? To be happy and remain healthy, anything above that is truly a blessing!


State/Province? Pennsylvania

Gymnast age-7

Years in gym- 4-5


Favourite event-Beam

Number of Competitions-9
6 as a level 4
3 as a level 5 (so far, 5 more to go)

Most difficult skill to acquire - Anything vault related and she's not as flexible as a lot of girls are.

Easiest skills to acquire- Anything beam related, especially everything up on high toe. People tell me she has beautiful form.

Hours in the gym? 12.5

Injuries? None, unless you count rope burn!:eek:

Gymnast’s goals? I don't really know what her long-term goals are. I think she really wants to score a 9 on every event and make her connections more smoothly on the bars and to make it over that dreaded vault table. And make it to states. :D

Mom’s goals for the gym-nut? I would love to see her continue with gymnastics for as long as she can, injury free, and still loving it. I also want her to be mature enough to recognize when it's enough and if it's not fun for her anymore she'll be able to walk away with no regrets. Oh, and maybe the Olympics some day! ;) JK!
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Proud Parent
Oct 26, 2007
Gymnast age-7

Years in gym- 3


Favourite event-Bars
Number of Competitions-2

Most difficult skill to acquire - The horrible mill circle. It is still the skill that gives her the most trouble

Easiest skills to acquire- Tumbling and anything with flexibility

Hours in the gym? 9

Injuries? None

Gymnast’s goals? Short term goals is that she wants to get her kip and cast to handstand. She also wants to score a 10 (I have tried explaining that it is practically impossible, but she doesn't listen.)
Long term goals is that she wants to compete as an elite.
Mom’s goals for the gym-nut?
To continue to love gymnastics and stay healthy. Also for her to realize all of her dreams.


OK, here we go:)!

State/Province? - Oregon (USA)

Gymnast age - 10

Years in gym - 4 in March

Level - 5

Favorite event - This is a hard one! Usually the one that she is excelling in at the moment:D, - - - I guess overall I would have to say floor.

Number of competitions - 10
All 10 as level 4

Most difficult skill to acquire - Of skills that she actually has, I would say the stride circle. At this time she has not gotten her kip yet, and it is looking like it will be even more of a challenge than the stride circle was:eek:!

Easiest skills to acquire - Anything tumbling related!

Hours in the gym - 12

Injuries - None:)

Gymnast's goals - Short term - to get her kip!!! Long term - to get to optionals so she can have her own music and routines!

Mom's goals for the gym-nut - For her to reach her goals, and stay happy and injury free while doing so! Oh, and for her parents to win the lottery, so they can keep paying the gym bill;)!
Sep 30, 2008
Region 3
State/Province? - Oklahoma (USA)

Gymnast age - 7

Years in gym - 1 and 5 mnths

Level - 4

Favorite event - Vault even though it's her weakest event, lol!

Number of competitions - hmm...not sure about 10. She had about 7 last season as a level 2. And two as a level 4 gymnast and 1 as a USAG level 4 gymnast.

Most difficult skill to acquire - The dreaded stride circle or level 4 beam dismount! Then again her vault's still need lots of attention ;)

Easiest skills to acquire - ROBHS

Hours in the gym - 12 I posted earlier that it was 11 (or was it 10) I dunno! I think it's actually 12.

Injuries - crashed landed on beam and bruised up her face. She also got kicked in the head by another gymnast who was flipping around when she was supposed to be in line and left a nasty goose egg on her forehead. All in all she's been pretty lucky. *knock on wood*

Gymnast's goals - I really don't know!

Mom's goals for the gym-nut - to always do gymnastics with the love that she has for it now.
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Jan 9, 2008
Daughter is a 2nd year level 4 is 8 and has been in gymnastics about 4-1/2 years. Her hardest skill to get was the front hip circle. Her favorite event is the beam. We competed in 8 meets last year and will do 8 this year. She goes to a small gym in PA.
Her goals are to make it to states she already qualified, she would someday like to become an optional and get her own routines, she also talks about the olympics well we all know the odds of that are slim! She actually does set small goals for each meet like the last one was to get higher than a 9.
My goals are to be able to afford to keep her gymnastics as long as she desires it and for her to remain injury free and happy!:)
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