Parents Chairs/cushions for meets?

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Proud Parent
Proud Parent
Sep 25, 2007
So after spending 4 hours sitting on very uncomfy bleachers at DDs teams meet this past weekend, I noticed some people had cool bleacher chairs.

Anyone have one? Where did you get it? I would love to find something comfy. My bum and back were killing me. LOL.
I got mine at Walgreens, it is very comfortable and has a great back support. It was in the area where they sell college type stuff and has our university logo on it. I have friends that bought the same chair, different logo in Texas, so I guess they sell them all over. It was 14.99. I get a lot of use out of them at basketball games also.
Just got back from picking up a prescription at Walgreens. They had them right there in like the novelty section. $12.99:p
One of the skating clubs dd belonged to sold them for a fundraiser. Then the one we are at now got a "donation" to the club. They bought those and now rent them for a dollar at all shows, comps, ect. :) Just a thought if you are motivated into the fundraising spirit!
We got stadium seats---has a back and arms on it after a couple of my gymmie's L5 meets. They fold up and don't take up anymore room in the bleachers than normal. Got them at one of the big sporting good stores. Certainly woth the money to save some back pain!
One of the other moms at our gym sells Sit-Upons to parents and spectators as a little fundraiser. They are a square (big enough for your bum!) of 1-2" foam covered sewn into an envelope of fabric (basically a pillowcase you can't open). She sells them for $10, so I'd guess you could make one for pretty cheap. Plus, you could match it to your gymmies' leos or team! They're pretty comfy and very cute!
Dick's Sporting Goods also carries bleacher chairs- with backs. I think they were $30 there
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