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Feb 26, 2007
I am sure a few of you have noticed our new Chalkbucket Booster Club icons under the mods, and a few members, names. This club is open to all members, just follow the link and you can see how to join...

The Chalk Bucket - Booster Club

The forum is growing daily and now we have over 2100 members. In order to continue to grow this way we need more space and bandwidth, joining the booster club is one way you can help.

The other way to help is by making a donation by clicking on the green Donate in the top bar, from that page you can make a donation by Paypal to the board.

If you are not a paypal member and would still like to help or be a booster club member you can PM JBS and he will be able to help you help us!

Thanks to you all for making this the biggest and most used forum on the internet! Most of all thanks to JBS for taking the time to create something that has given us all so much pleasure.


Sounds like a GREAT idea! Thanks again JBS for the wonderful and fun site :) I wish I could contribute to the booster club especially since it is only $5....but seeing as I don't have a credit card yet that could be a slight prob....o well!
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