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How's everyone doing today? The Chalk Bucket has a new forum called "Question & Answer". This forum is a sister forum to the group forums...what do I mean by this?

One of the great powers of The Chalk Bucket is the many groups of people we have on the board. In our group forums we have a "parent", "coach", and "gymnast" forum. These forums are for those groups. If you ask a question in the "coaches" forum, it will be answered by coaches. If you ask a question in the "parent" forum, it will be answered by parents. The "Question & Answer" forum is for everyone. If you ask a question in that forum....anyone can answer it.

The original intent of each thread is determined by the member that starts the thread. If they specifically start it in the "parents" forum, then they are looking for the opinion of parents. If the original poster opens it in the "Question & Answer" forum...then it's open game for everyone.

Also, if you find a thread that you would like to voice your opinion on (and it's in a forum that you cannot post in), feel free to start a new thread in a different forum and link to it.

One more thing....If you started a thread in the groups forum and you would like it moved to "Question & Answer", just let a moderator know. You must be the creator of the thread in order to get it moved.

Is this something that will work?...please reply to this thread with your opinions.
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new forums..YEAH!

I like this idea. We are less likely to get warnings of wrong forum and off topic..{[Right? JBS? ;}!}
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