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Hey everyone....I just now noticed that chalkbucket has a chat room. I'm thinking that I'll probably hang out there every night (when i'm not working or in class) and maybe we can get some chats going on. I think that it would be awesome to be able to actually talk about gymnastics and have immediate interaction. :) The chat can be found under Quick Links and Flash Chat. Hope to see you guys there!!
I was going to announce it, but I'm not really sure how good it works yet.:confused: Just let me know if there is any problems with it. I seems to be a natural extension of the board. If you have any really good chats, be sure to start a thread in the forums also...then we can all join in.

I'd love to hear how other sites you visit have implemented chat systems. I'm pretty new to the whole chat idea.
Does this function the same as a normal IRC channel? (it looks like it does)

If so, what are the server and channel name? With those, I could sign on with trillian or mirc, which I usually have running all day, so I'd pretty much always be in there.
I don't know...give me some time to look into some other options and see if what your talking about is possible. I've been really busy lately:( and the board has been too.:D
I've only been on a few times and each time there haven't been other people there, but I'm sure we'll get something going sometime. Once we get stuff going I'm sure more people will join.
Well, generally the way to get these started is to just sign in and idle in there, all day if necessary. As more people are in there idling constantly, its more likely that, when somebody signs in to chat, they'll have somebody to chat with.

This is why I was asking if it was a normal IRC channel; I leave my IRC clients running all day, signed onto various chatrooms (specifically the ocremix.org one and various spinoffs thereof); if I'm going to sign in and idle, it's much more convenient to do so from in IRC client.

When you were setting up the chatroom, did you have to specify a host? Or a channel name?

Host is probably either chalkbucket.com or irc.chalkbucket.com (but that's just a guess -- I'm assuming you're hosting the chat here on your server). You may have had to specify a channel name; these usually start with a # (for example, the ocremix.org chatroom is #ocremix, on irc.enterthegame.com), though if you used a wizard to set it up, it may have done that step for you.

See if you can find out the host address and the channel title, and if you can post those (assuming it does function like a normal IRC chat) I can type up a brief IRC tutorial if you need it.
I understand what you're saying...the chat program that I wanted to use would display the chat box on the top or bottom of every page of the site. Then you could always be chatting...unfortunately...I has been known to cause crazy server load problems.

FlashChat is cool, but I found this on their site:

Please be aware that FlashChat does not actually connect to IRC servers!

It looks like FlashChat may not be the chat solution for The Chalk Bucket. I am in the process of finding something new, but our second daughter is due on the 20th of this month. I've been a bit busy.:spin:
Thanks! Oops!...I meant the 28th of this month.

I'm trying to install a new version of vBshout right now. It's a shout box, not a chat room. I don't know if you'll like it or not, but I can always remove it.
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