Change to compulsory routines this year?

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Another mom in the gym just told me that all of the compulsory routines and music are going to change at the end of this year. I thought these routines stayed until 2013. Are the routines or music changing this year?

Thanks for the info.
hmmm... i thought that the routines were staying the same for awhile - they just got changed about two years ago. i haven't heard anything about them changing, and i'd be surprised if they did. but i really dont know for sure.
The boys routines are changing. The girls will not change until 2013. However the floor music may or may not change in the next couple years.
haha, you guys are lucky to know your routines will stay the same for several years. Ours change a little at least once a year and sometimes more often. 1 year they were all changed 3 times in the one year, kids were going to comps with the wrong routines and the wrong skills.
ugh that stinks. im tired of the music already, it doesn't help that we have a lot of compulsaries so we get to hear the music over and over again. whats really bad is when the new kids move up and the coach puts the words on
Last quaddrenium, they changed the music midway through it. Thank goodness. That is the one before the current one.

I can stand the L5, though I really prefer the L6 tango/salsa whatever it is. L5 is a bit too cutesy like all the L1-4 which I think of as clown music.
It would be good to allow optional music. Our level 2's and 3's have compulsary floor routines in Australia and there is a set piece of music but clubs are allowed to use their own optional music. It really does add a bit of flavor to a comp where you are watching the same routines over and over again. Our 4's and above have individually coreographed routines and it is more work for the coaches but very rewarding for the gymnasts.
That's why my DDs love doing USAIGC, even at Level 4 they had optional routines/music. That level 5 stripper music cracks me up, and I might have to deal with it for another year!!
the lv 5 music sounds like it belongs in a strip show.. and then to have the girls rolling around on the floor.... uuuggghhh!
I am really tired of all of them but I do have to say they beat the last music (3 or 4 years ago...)
I think this music is a lot better than the previous music. Uck.

I never think of the L5 music as stripper music. To me it has tidbits of the L6 music which I find have character, variety, and life. I think of the L5 music as band music. Bleh.
someone told me they are changing compulsaries this summer because they change them every summer olympics so we'll be getting new routines
I think the compulsory music now is WAY better than the last set... *shudders at the thought of the circus music* :p

Any ideas on whether there will be new music? I think they did that with the last set...
All of the floor music level 5 and lower sound like circus/clown/carnival music!
Well not really level 4.......
OH I love the level 6 music! I hope I get to compete with it! It's sooooooo cool!
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I like the level 6 music so much, I'd do it a routine to it! Hahah. Yes, there would never be footage to reach youtube or heads would roll. Then again, I like the tango and salsa.

And having had to learn the 4-6 routines, I really preferred the current ones to the last ones. Lame-o. I generally never bother with the 1-3, but I can teach them well enough.
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