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Dec 4, 2018
We are heading towards our state meet this weekend, and already have some plans in place to change gyms after this season. My daughter is unlikely to qualify for regionals, but if she does.....is it possible to change gyms and compete at regionals for the new gym? I do have her floor music on my phone. We are just fed up with the current gym and have been counting down the days until we are able to switch...not sure we can handle staying the additional month until regionals.
Is the new gym already aware that she plans to move there? Have you had a try out with the new gym? I would guess that most gyms would not be able to accomodate a new gymnast before a big meet like regionals, it could throw off the whole vibe with the team. I would suggest either leaving your current gym and skipping regionals or staying at the current gym at least through regionals and then switching.
I’m not sure if it’s possible due to the fact that the coaches sign the gymnasts up for regionals at state and therefore under their current gyms name (if they qualify). Or at least that’s how it worked in my state. I’m not sure how hard it is to change the gym they are registered under, but I’m guessing it’s possible. Also even if she doesn’t qualify call the gyms you are interested in, they might be able to take you right after state. My gym just took in a new girl and they were able to accommodate just fine because right now she is just working on basics and new technique.
Yes it is possible. But you would need to find a gym that would take her. If you really feel you are out, then you can always offer to train at the gym and not go to regionals(someone on here wrote about this at one point in time, don’t ask me which archived thread that was!). And if she is level 6-8, regionals would be the last meet of her season so that might help also. Good luck!
I know it’s not the same thing at all but we skipped level 3 state because we couldn’t wait any longer. Her new gym was in a different region so they were already training for the new level which worked out. I think she may have been a little sad to miss state but she only said a few words about it. Best decision we could have made.
If she makes regionals, I'd advise you to figure out with her what's more important: making the gym switch immediately or competing at regionals. Even in XCel, I think there's a significant difference between switching gyms mid-season and representing a new gym at regionals. When we had some gym switches a few years ago, there was a bit of tension even over changing entries to the new gym for invitationals for which the old gym had entered the gym switchers.
There was a gymnast who moved to our region, following some coaches where they were very successful as was the gymnast, right before States and did a "gym qualifier" the week she got there, went to states a week later, qualified to Regionals in our region, with this coach/gym that were brand new to our region so it was all very odd....she wins Regionals and goes to JOs with our region, blows out her knee on the second event there....and then moves back to her old region for her last 3 years of high school.

She's a very good NCAA gymnast now but that whole 2 month foray into our region was odd, to say the least. The kids said she was nice, didn't really know how "long she'd be out here" (turns out, not very) .

I don't see how she would've competed at Regionals though without qualifying in a state meet in the region....I would opt to stay the the regional meet, again not mentioning that you've already got a foot out the door, and then be done at Gym #1. I'm curious how a gym move means a different region, or are you relocating? If you're relocating , your gym move may be treated more kindly by the powers that be.
I don’t think the original poster is switching regions. I said we did because we live on a state border.
I think that it can certainly be done...But... I would think that would be a giant slap in the face to the gym you left? But, If it is something that your daughter wants to do and they other gym ( new one ) thinks it is okay.. then do it.. But if it were me, i would NOT do it as to not stir the pot EVEN more that you switched gym before the season was even over.
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I just wouldn’t. The end of the season is the last meet. If that’s regionals so be it. If the environment was that toxic. I’d skip regionals. Come to think of it I’d skip states too.

Move before or after but after means after.
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OP here.....ok, it is good to hear everyone’s thoughts. We ARE in the process of moving....our old house is actually sold and we are in a hotel until the new house is ready...but still in the same general area. My DD has had an evaluation at the new gym, and is scheduled to do a trial practice right after the state meet. But it does sound like it might be more trouble than it is worth to compete at regionals for the new gym. The current gym is not abusive, but definitely not somewhere we want to be any longer. (Overt favoritism, not enough coaches, coaches that do the bare minimum, etc)

I guess I will just have to kind of hope that she doesn’t make regionals....which sounds bad, but it is extremely unlikely as we are in a highly competitive state and she would have to score probably 1.5 or more points higher than her current best to do so.....

Thank you!
To the best of my knowledge, it’s very easy to change one’s gym affiliation for any meet, even if you’re already registered with a different gym. It’s simply up to the new gym and the coach’s philosophy, and if they’re willing to take a newly acquired child to an upcoming meet. This seems to depend on whether the child’s Skills are up to the current gym’s standards.
For example, we had a coach let-go on a Friday evening (mid-season). The coach started at a new local gym the next week, and the handful of kids that followed him competed at a meet that weekend under the new gym name. Unfortunately, they were in our rotation, which was beyond awkward.
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I know of a gymnast that moved after state before regionals. She’s a level 10. Not a problem. New gym called regional meet director and changed affiliation. No big deal. Now is the new gym willing to do that? Is it a good idea from a gym politics situation? Those are questions to discuss with new gym coach and owner. It really is up to them whether that will cause too much upset or not. And if the old gym gets wind of your relationship with the new gym they may make that decision for you. Personally, at this point if it isn’t abusive and it is at all possible I think the right think to do is wait out the season.
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Well, she didn’t qualify, so no need to worry about it! However, she has a teammate in a similar position that DID qualify, so they will have to figure out what they want do. Thank you for all of your thoughts on the matter!!
As far as it is allowed, yes. And yes, it is very easy to switch a gymnast from one gym to another. That being said, it may not be the best idea (even if you don’t love where you are, burning bridges isn’t a great idea). As far as would another gym take her mid-season, that depends on the gym. We allow girls to try out on our team mid-season and if they want to switch and we have room on that team, we let them switch.
I have actually been dealing with a very similar situation lately. One of my original athletes from my old team/gym has come back to work with me at my current gym. After I had moved on from my previous gym, she went off to another program and has been there for the last two seasons. Her mom gave me a call asking for help/advice. It turns out the coach at her current gym is a real jerk, and used mental/emotional abuse tactics, and was generally incompetent. This girl is Level 6 now, and only has her State Championship meet left, and they were looking to leave immediately. The mom and I talked more, and then I talked with the gym owners and we were all able to come to an agreement. She is currently training with me and will finish out her season here.

In relation to the original post, if it is a matter of abuse or safety, always leave as soon as possible. Even if states/regionals/nationals is at stake, the athlete's safety is far more important. There are usually workarounds anyway, like in my situation and other people's stories above, and if you can't make it work, then at least your daughter is out of an abusive situation. Simply keep training and try again next year. That being said, I'm glad your current issue is not about an abusive coach, but rather a matter of quality. @Curlyfry7, congratulations on her not qualifying (hahaha :p) and I wish you the best of luck in the new gym! :)
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