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Hi....Looking for some feedback....My daughter is L6. Absolutely LOVES gymnastics and has always. Her gym has her team workout 7 hrs/week plus 1/2 hr of dance with an option of an open-gym (1 1/2 hr/week).
She has asked her coach over the past few years to come more hours becasue she wants to do better than she is (score wise). Her coach does not want her to come more hours beacause of burn-out as she gets older - she is 11.

She loves one of her coaches and also loves the gym. My thinking on moving her is due to a couple of things. 1. She wants to go more. Most gyms around my area go 16-20 hrs/week at her level. Her current coaches are not getting alot out of the girls. (only 1 does - and that's the one she loves and she does not coach her until L7)
2. She has had several injuries and I'm wondering if she were going more hours, she would be in better condition to handle the stress on the body??

Anyone with any thoughts would very much be appreciated.


Hi Gymrat98!
It sounds like you're not exactly thrilled with your experience at your current gym.
There really are no magic answers and I believe that you as the parent have to sort out the pros and cons of staying or moving to another gym.
Talk with your daughter- Is she really attached to her gym friends? Does she want to try something new?
Per haps you can visit another gym and observe a training session. Watch at meets to see how the coaches and parents interact with the athletes.
I think coaching fit is the most important for my DD but each gymmie is different and you are the expert on your gymmie. Best of luck with this decision, I hope you find the right one for your DD.
Jan 9, 2008
It does not seem like alot of hours for a level 6 my daughter just finished level4 and she was doing 13 hours plus 1 hour of dance some where else. They do alot of conditioning in those extra hours so I think that helps with preventing injuries. i would look into another program because when she moves up she will need more hours to stay competitive.


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Jan 4, 2008
I'm amazed she can compete level 6 with any success at 7 hours a week of training. I would say the average for level 6 would be around 16 hours a week. She will need more hours in order to progress to level 7 and beyond. The higher level skills require 7 hours a week just for warm up and conditioning if she is to compete safely and successfully.
As a level 6, I only trained 8 hours a week (two 3 hour regular practices, one two hour strength, conditioning, and dance practice), but was still able to come in 2nd AA at states. So I don't think that huge hours are completely necessary, but there are other factors that come into play. Also, would the hours increase once she moved up to L7, would she be moving up soon, would the situation improve w/ the other coach? Just rambling a little. Good luck.
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