Charlie Tamayo: Crazy Video

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Not open for further replies. just featured this video of Charlie Tamayo. I've seen some other videos of him, but never this one. Rick McCharles says this about Charlie...
If you watch this 8min video through to the finish, I guarantee you will see at least a half dozen skills you’ve never seen before. Possibly no one has ever done them before Charlie.


If Charlie Tamayo gets his US citizenship, he could be our next big thing.
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i like the video it is so cool :rotfl: i wish i was that good


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Feb 22, 2007
he immigrated to the united states from cuba. But may not get citizenship in time for the 2008 olympics. at the 2003 world championships he was something like 3rd on floor


just saw the video

:eek: Wow! Would it be bragging to say he's moving to my town and working in my daughter's gym? lol. That was amazing video.
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