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Geoffrey Taucer

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Jan 21, 2007
Baltimore, MD
-The chatbox is closed to members with fewer than 10 posts

-All discussion should remain child-appropriate. Racism and other hate speech will not be tolerated, nor will discussion of any other subjects we (the moderators) deem innappropriate for this community and its members.

-Keep in mind that you are posting publicly on the world wide web. Before you post, look back at what you've written. Can you think of anybody who you would not want reading it? If it is something you would not want your friends/teammates/coaches/students/parents/children/complete strangers to read, DON'T POST IT.

-Post in legible English, not AIM shorthand. We're not going to be complete spelling/grammar police, but if every post you make reads like this....
i luv u cuz u r gr8 lol idk
...than expect to hear from the mods.

-Do not make more than 3 consecutive posts when it's clear nobody else is around.

The consequences for breaking these rules will depend on the occasion and on the severity of the offence, and could range from a warning (via PM) to an outright ban.

In general, the rules are the same for the chatbox as they are for the rest of the forums. If you have not read the forum rules, please do so before posting.
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Thank you for letting us know the rules. We hope the political discussions from last week weren't too bad and thank you for making an exception during the historic election we just had.

I'd also like to remind people not to post too much personal information in the chat or on the site as well. You never know what kinda people are reading. I just got a lecture about that from my parents yesterday.
Aug 26, 2008
Thank you NY for that helpful post. Don't post any personal information, because "guests" might be reading and use that information for other purposes. Stay safe when on the Internet.


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Sep 3, 2005
New Chatbox Rule

New Rule/Function:

- Members with less than 10 posts no longer have permission to see the chatbox.

GT...can you please add this to the first post in this thread?
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