WAG Cheap/relatively inexpensive leotards?

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Jan 17, 2023
Where are some places to find decent quality, basic leotards under $50? Since I only do gymnastics recreationally I guess I could just wear t shirts but I like to wear leotards with leggings for modesty reasons (meaning no stomach showing when flipping or being upside down). The one I currently wear I found from a really random store for 30 bucks that’s quite good quality but it must’ve been a lucky find since I cannot find any other ones. Are leos from Amazon any good? If so, which ones? Just looking for someone plain and not flashy, like a simple balletish one that’s black or a solid colour. Ones that I find online that have good reviews are all over $60.

If what I’m looking for does not exist at that price range that’s fine too, just curious to see if it’s an option.
We have gotten a few from aliexpress for less then $15 and they are pretty decent. My daughter actually likes them better than her snowflake leotards.
Plum practicewear has some on clearance from $15-$28. A lot of their regular priced ones are less than $50. Gk also has a sale section that are under $50.
Target has cute leos if you still fit into their kids sizes. If you don't mind used; eBay has a ton of good condition leos from name brands under $50.
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