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Sep 3, 2005
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I've been helping out some friends with their website and wanted to introduce it to anyone that doesn't already know about it...

The Region 5 Gymnastics Insider is the OFFICIAL media outlet of Region 5 (Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio) for women's gymnastics. If you live in Region 5... you should definitely be following all of their social media and checking in on their website on a regular basis. If you don't live in Region 5... I would still follow them as there is some absolutely outstanding gymnastics there and Region 5 is the only region with an OFFICIAL media outlet.

The Region 5 Gymnastics Insider covers Level 9 & 10 athletes from Region 5 and continues to highlight them as they move into college. This helps Region 5 stay in the eye of all the college coaches.

Below are some examples of their content...

All Access is where they go inside a club to see their training style:

Spotlight is where they highlight an up and coming athlete:

Coaches Wired is where they put a mic right on a coach while they are coaching:

20 Questions is just as it sounds:

The Region 5 Gymnastics Insider also has a podcast that you can keep up with on your favorite podcast provider:

Once again... check them out... and follow all their socials as listed below...

Youtube / Instagram / Facebook / Twitter

I'll leave you with one of their videos...

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