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Haven't been on in quite a while. For a while it was too hard - I had a real tough time when dd "retired" from gymnastics.

Anyway - 6 months later and things are really good. As lots of you know she ended up switching over to cheer (which she had sworn she would never do, lol). They just had tryouts for next season and she made the level 5 team - which for those who have no idea about cheer is the highest level. She is really having a lot of fun. She still gets to tumble which has always been her favorite. She also loves her summer schedule - she will practice 6-7 hours a week instead of the 23 hours a week she did last summer !!! She still sees a lot of her gym friends and loves hearing about how they are doing. I thought she would be envious or that would make her miss it - but nope - so I guess I did the right thing when I took her out. Of course if I were to be totally honest, I have lots of those I wonder what if....


Proud Parent
Mar 9, 2008
Thank you for the update!!! I've really missed you around CB!!! So happy to hear your DD is is HAPPY!!!! That is what REALLY matters!!!! Thank you so much for sharing all of your thoughts & feelings openly with us, all throughout your DD's decision to switch to cheer. It really has helped me to already accept whatever my DD choses to do with her gymnastics career in the future. My DD is doing track right now along with gym. It is a crazy schedule, but she's doing well in both. It has helped her mentally, to know that gymnastics is not the ONLY thing she's good at. I feel like another has opened for her. Just knowing that our kids can be happy & thrive upon leaving such an all encompassing sport is soooo very comforting to me. Sounds like she's a natural at cheer & all of her years of gym training are still being put to good use. So happy for you & your DD:D!!!! Please continue to keep us updated. Best wishes to you both!!!
Mar 5, 2008
North America
Hey Flippy!!! Great to hear that she had a great experience with cheer and congrats on the Level 5 team!!!! Level 5 is sooo exciting and really a big deal in the cheer world! Dani is going back to cheer as well next season. She will be doing MDL Level A and the cheer team that they are starting at the gym. It will be really cool to do gym and cheer all at the same gym under the same name. Dani is soo excited about both endeavors next season.

I would love to see a video of dd if you have one from this past season!!!!

Good luck and congrats again!!!


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Feb 26, 2007
Hey Flippy, I sure miss you around here, you still have to come back for the challenge if you have recovered from last years that is!!!

So glad to hear that cheer is going well and that she is way up there skills wise. I have been learning about cheer, I see those meets really last all day, no more complaining about 3 hour flights.

Keep coming back, lots of new people here to pick your experienced brain.
Sep 8, 2007
I am so glad you checked back in with us.Sounds like your dd is having a blast at cheerleeding so glad things are going well for her.Congrats to her on making the L5 team !!!!

gym law mom

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Dec 23, 2006
Good to have you back and hear that dd is having a blast doing cheer! She hasn't really left gymnastics, she's just taken many of her gymnastics skills in a different direction. Glad she is having such a wonderful time----thats what its all about isn't it?

You can tell us---have you run into any crazy cheer moms???


Last season the crazy cheer moms weren't too bad - now that she just made this new team - now I know where they've been hiding, lol. Luckily there are a few normal moms I know (mostly ex gymnast moms)- so I mainly stick with them. It seems like there are a few moms not too fond of me all of a sudden - I guess according to them we haven't paid our dues long enough in the cheer world for dd to be on that team. As long as my dd is happy though - bring on the crazies - I can take it :D


Oh - and Bog - count me in for this years CB challenge !!!!


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Jul 25, 2008
Hi Flippy. I'm glad to hear that your dd is doing well with cheer. Congrats on the L5 team. That is a big deal. Don't be a stranger! :)


Proud Parent
Proud Parent
Sep 25, 2007
Glad to hear things are going so well for your DD in cheer. I bet it is really fun. I love watching cheer. Especially the really awesome routines with tumbling and flyers, etc. Keep in touch with us here and tell us how she is doing! We would love to know how the year goes! :D


Great to hear your good news flippy. I am so glad your dd is happy. Best of luck w/ the L5 Moms....there's always someone to ruin every crowd, eh? Oh well.

I will have to comiserate w/ you on the feelings of loss associated w/ leaving gymnastics. As you know my dd is leaving it too (artistic, anyway), and moving over to T&T. I know I will continue to get those pangs of sadness when I see the artistic girls practicing at her gym. But it goes away the minute I see her smiling face as she enjoys her new adventure!

Thanks for coming on by to say 'hi'. Don't be a stranger! :)
Feb 4, 2008
Region IV
Hey Flippy!

I've been an infrequent visitor to the chalk bucket since my dds "retired" as well. Yes, there is life without gym, and I'd say it's a pretty decent life, too. My only beef is that now, instead of taking both kids to the gym, I have to run them in opposite directions!

Glad your dd is pleased with and happy in cheer.
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