Chellsie Memmel?

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Sep 9, 2007
Has anyone heard if she's staying in gymnastics? Just a random thought- I'd love to see her do well in Worlds next year, she didn't have a very good Olympics.

PS. Has anyone else heard the rumour that Shayla got kicked off the tour? Just wondering if it was true or internet crap.
Chellsie will definitely be back for 2009 worlds. She said she has some 'Unfinished business'. I want her to win the AA. I'm still a huge fan of Nast's, but she's got the Olympic gold, she could probably deal with silver in worlds. Although, I'd like to see Nastia win 09 Worlds on Bars. She needs that international gold on bars!!

I wish Chellsie would go NCAA.

Shayla kicked off the tour?!!? What the heckadoo? She seems to nice. Where's your source?
Yay, I'm glad that Chellsie's staying! I'd love to see her take another all around title. Somehow I don't think she will-though Nastia and Shawn will definitely have the two spots. But maybe the efs?
Damn 2-per-country rule.

Those blogs/forums are where I heard the rumours. But she definitely hasn't been performing- her mum wrote on her website saying she took time off for visiting colleges.
Thewwgym forum has some good sources that say that Shayla got kicked off the tour for underage drinking after being warned more than once. She has apparently verballed to Georgia for the fall. Sam has done additional tour stops so some fans that did not see Shayla saw Sam instead.
It is 100% true that she was removed from the tour because of her actions. I'm sure this has caused her family great embarrassment and hopefully she learned her lesson and will have a successful college career.
I'm not going to come on here and make excuses for Shayla's actions. But, considering the kid has lived in a gym for most of her life, she was probably partying a little too hard. She is just coming off of her horrible situation at the Olympics and is probably into just having some fun. Was it right, no. But again, she is a teenager and we all know that teenagers don't always make the wisest choices.
Hopefully, Shayla learned from her mistake and will have a very successful NCAA season at U of Ga. I wish her nothing but the best.

And that will be the end of the Shayla Worley discussion please. The info is out there, lets not speculate any more. We do not want to become a gossip board, lets support our gymnasts any way we can.
Not open for further replies.