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Sep 2, 2007
Does everyone have their schedule for Chicago? We still don't and it's driving me crazy. The price of the train has gone up by about $60 and one of the meet hotels is now booked. I am a big planner so it's driving me nuts not to know when my girls compete. We would like to take the train but the price has gone up every day lately. I'm worried that by the time we finally have the schedule the price will be outrageous.


Proud Parent
Aug 28, 2009
we are still waiting too!!!! It is very concerning for all the reasons you have stated and also becasue it says the schedule will be updated by mid Dec and well...its the 17th. I am sure its a huge undertaking to prepare for this meet but clubs not listed yet are getting the short end of the stick with travel arrangements for sure.


The session schedule is up on the website. The schedule by club should be posted soon. DD's gym hosts that meet. She can't wait to compete it for her first time. We have worked the darn thing for two years straight and this will be her first year to compete! Yeah!!
Sep 2, 2007
I'm glad we are not the only ones waiting. Thanks for the info on the schedule. I have probably clicked on it at least 100 times and still no update. It is still a partial schedule so not all teams are listed and my dd's team is still not on it. We have heard that they are trying to finish it by the end of this week but if not for sure by the end of the month.


Our gym hasn't gotten their schedule yet either, it's driving me crazy too. I keep checking every morning and night so we can make our travel plans. We are a huge gym and most everyone is flying out since we are coming from PA.


Jul 5, 2007
You should be able to cancel train tickets, or at least make a reservation (but usually you can only make a reservation for like two days at that price). But that is frustrating.
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