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Aug 18, 2009
port crane, ny
Well...we chickened out on going to a new gym. When we were leaving the old gym yesterday, the coach informed me she was going to join USAG as well as USAIGC (usaigc was the only one she was in) She said some of the other team parents wanted to have their daughters compete in usag, and she knew we were leaving to go to a usag gym.

So I talked to our daughter, and she decided to stay at the gym with her best friend, other team girls and coach.

Her coach said she will have the opportunity to compete level 4 usag this year. She will also have the opportunity to compete a mixture of copper and bronze level for usaigc.

The drive is still longer, but I guess she has chosen where she wants to be.
That's not chickening out, that's being reasonable! It's quite remarkable that your gym is being so accommodating to the needs of the gymnasts, it certainly shows their desire to have your daughter on their team. It's also great to know you have another option in the wings if your little one outgrows this gym.

I'm glad to hear that your daughter had a say in the decision, it'll go a long way towards her taking ownership for her sport, and increasing her enjoyment.

Good luck to her this season, in both programs:)
I agrre that is far from chickening out. You were happy with the gym and only desired the UASG experience. Great that the coach saw the need and brought the programme in, a very good sign that your gym cares about the parents and gymnasts goals.

Good luck for the upcoming season.
I agree with Bog and the other posters. If the end result was to compete USAG and your gym made that commitment to you. Great news!

It appears you have a great gym to make that decision to keep their gymnasts!

Good luck - what level will your daughter compete in USAG? I am not as familiar with the USAIGC system.
chickened out response

She will be competing level 4 this year. They practiced the beam routine..well part of it today. The girls really tried! She is probably going to do copper all around, bronze floor and beam this year. Maybe bronze vault...but not sure.

She is very happy and told me she didn't want to leave. I am glad the coach/owner made the decision to do both. She is easing into it. USAG a couple meets this year. More in the years to come.

I think it was a good choice for my daughter!

thanks for the positive feedback!
the coach informed me she was going to join USAG as well as USAIGC (usaigc was the only one she was in)
Yeah, I was going to mention that to you as my wife had heard something to that effect about a couple of mouths ago. But since we didn't hear it from the gym, I didn't want to possibly let a rumor steer you into making a decision.

Since your reason for leaving was to go to USAG, this new decision hardly makes it chickening out. I think you made a great decision to stay with a great coach, even though I think the other gym that I think you're joining is good as well. Yes, your kid will do great in USAG! Lots of luck to you both.
Definitely don't think it was chickening out. Changing gyms is tough and if it can be avoided is usually best. Sounds like she will have a great situation, a gym she loves and getting to compete USAG as well as USAIGC. Pretty fun! Should make the monotony of the compulsory routines bearable. :)
You changed your mind based on new information--how is that chickening out?? Glad that she has the opportunity to stay at the gym she loves and still compete USAG like she wants!
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